08 August 2009

YSA Summit-Day 1...among other things

Today I:
*finished Audit lecture #2-two down, 3 to go and 3 weeks until my next test. I think I'm in pretty good shape considering I did 5 lectures the week before the test for my last one. Still keeping my fingers crossed hoping that I passed
*did laundry
*went to Costco-I seriously love that place
*went "back to school shopping" (even though I'm not going back to school-thanks Express friends and family day!)
*had a mini Team Hufflepuff reunion at Chilis
*went to the first day of the Salt Lake YSA Summit...or as I like to call it EFY-YSA style. Remember how much I loved EFY? Yeah...not much has changed.

Lara and I at The Summit-just for the record, she loved EFY just about as much as I did...


Lisa Michelle said...

Sounds like you've been having fun! I took Audit yesterday. Blah. I never feel good after I take these exams. I'd feel better if I'd gotten a single score back because I have no idea what the curve does. I took Financial at the beginning of July and if I got a new sim, I won't get my score until the end of September! Aaahh! Good luck with Audit and I'm sure you passed Reg! Keep me updated. We can make it!