03 November 2014

Weekend update: 11.2.2014

(I failed to take any pictures over the weekend. Boo.)

Friday was a fun evening! It was Halloween!!! Jen and Russ were in town so we did a double date with them! We went for Indian food at Himalayan Kitchen. So delish-it’s one of my favorites in Salt Lake. Then we walked over to Abravanel Hall (which was a bit further than I thought…ooops) and saw the Utah Symphony play! It was really cool-they played some fun Halloween-type songs and while they were playing they had Cirque du Soleil type performers perform! It was really fun and so cool to watch. I’m amazed at what people can do!

After the symphony, Jane, Jen and I had a sleepover which was lots of fun. It was great to all be together and to catch up!

I started off Saturday the right way with a massage. I just love getting massages-I wish I could get them on a weekly basis!!

Saturday late morning/afternoon was spent crafting with Jane and Jen. It was Jen and I’s 5th Annual Advent Calendar!!! We made these super cute fabric paper chain type things. Following tradition, I haven’t finished mine yet, but I think it’s going to turn out really cute.

Saturday night Jeremy and I had a lazy date night. It was so nice just to hang out and relax! We went to our favorite burger spot, Salt City Burger Co. Then we just went back to his place, got cozy, and caught up on Scandal. Perfect way to spend a Saturday evening!

Sunday was Sunday. It was Jeremy’s brother’s birthday so instead of doing our usual Sunday breakfast, we went over to his parents’ house to celebrate with brother before he had to go to work.

Church was church. After church I came home and lounged for a bit. Then I made cupcakes for our Junior League unit meeting on Monday and made dinner. It was a lovely, loungy Sunday evening!!

Up Ahead…

…Junior league unit meetings, hopefully some workouts, Jeremy time, and our Favorite Things party this weekend! So excited!