28 May 2008

Some pictures from the past week and a half

These are just a few pictures from the many I've taken...

Boats on the Cam (the river at Cambridge). We took an hour long boat ride down the river, it was such a fun ride!

Jason and I in the famous red London phone booths in Cambridge.

Me, Jeff, and Ben experiencing the traditional english fish and chips at a pub in downtown London.

View of Big Ben and the Parliament building from the London Eye.

Not so good...

So obviously I'm not so good at updating this thing...I am still in London and absolutely loving it!! There is so much to see and do here I feel like I need 2 more months instead of only 2 more days! This past week and a half has been fantastic. We have seen and done so much!!! I have seen 5 shows (Sound of Music, Blood Brothers, Chicago, Phantom of the Opera, and Wicked), gone to two fantastic museums, shopped (of course), and walked all over London.

Today a group of us decided to take a break from the busy city and go out to the castle at Dover and the great white cliffs near the English Channel. We took a two hour train ride south of London and walked through a cute little city up to the castle. The view from the castle was incredible!! The English countryside is so pretty and green. It's just like you see in pictures-huge, rolling green hills dotted with sheet and cute little English towns. We walked around the castle for a bit and then headed out to the cliffs. When we first got to Dover the weather was terrible. It was misting rain and super windy (and of course I had neither a jacket nor an umbrella...). But luckily by the time we were ready to go explore the cliffs it had cleared up and turned out to be a really nice day. We explored the cliffs for a few hours, hiking and climbing, and sliding around. They were amazing...it looked like a scene from the Sound of Music or Heidi. After we had had our fill of the cliffs, we went back to the town, had dinner, and got back on the train to get back to London. It was a great day trip!!

We only have 2 full days left and so much still do to....visit the cousins, go to tea time, more shopping of course, visit the Tate Modern, see the city lights at night...and countless other things. Two more days to go...

22 May 2008

In London!!!

I am in London!!! So far it has been fantastic!! The first day I was here I went on the London Eye, went to an amazing Egyptian exhibit, and went and saw The Sound of Music which was wonderful!!! I have never seen the movie all the way through so it was fun to see a live production and see what happens!! I will post pictures soon when I have more time on the internet!

17 May 2008

Packing light + Erin = Not Going To Happen

So all my attemps at packing light have failed. I planned on taking only one suitcase to London, the lighter the better. Today while packing, it became painfully obvious that everything I wanted to bring, everything I needed, was not going to fit into just one suitcase. Alas, I caved and am taking two suitcases to London. With the help of my wonderful mother, I managed to pack everything (more like she managed to pack everything, I was "supervising") and am pretty much ready to leave!! I can't believe it's time to go already!! I am super excited for all of the adventures awaiting me in LONDON!!!!

16 May 2008

I hate packing

I hate packing. Hate it! How on earth are you supposed to fit everything you need for 2 weeks (or 2.5 months) in one small 50 pound suitcase?!? I'm strongly considering taking only a carry-on and buying a two week wardrobe when I get there...

09 May 2008

My first entry

So I have decided to start blogging so I can keep in touch with everyone!! We'll see how this whole blogging thing works out...I'm not exactly the most computer literate person in the world so hopefully I can figure out how to use this. More exciting posts to follow!