30 September 2009

Jr League?

So I'm considering joining the Jr. League out here. I'm going to an orientation meeting on Monday to see what it's all about. Does anyone know anything about Jr. League? Is anyone a member?

29 September 2009

Today I was weepy

we finally got our cable and internet all hooked up, which means that we finally set the tivo! one of my favorite shows is the biggest loser. i used to watch it at the gym while i was on the treadmill but had to stop because without fail i get weepy at some point during EVERY episode! chelsea and kat will vouch for me. don't worry. i watched it today. and of course i got weepy. i wept when hearing the green lady talk about how she lost her husband and two children. i got teary when the everyone helped the purple team guy finish the ramp challenge. my heart just breaks for him, getting stuck with that crazy woman. he seems like such a dear old man and she's just insane. i hope she goes soon, i think she's just horrible. i definitely got weepy during the deliberation meeting. goodness. does anyone else get like this watching this show?!?

My very own "ricardo"

My office is cold. And not just oh the air conditioner is on and it's a little chilly cold. It's arctic tundra, bring a coat and blanket to work when it's 75 degrees outside, mittens and hat cold. Around the office our cube is referred to as the ice box. Perhaps this has contributed to my current state of illness? (and yes, I realize I'm being a little dramatic about being sick) Anyways...today Caroline (one of my cube mates) and I decided we'd had enough. We hopped online and each ordered one of these...

A space heater!! Hooray! Anyone remember Steph's space heater "ricardo" in Italy? Remember how it warmed up those cold dorms in the dead of winter in Torino? Remember how wonderful it was to not have to wear seven layers of clothing indoors? Well, I will finally have a "ricardo" of my own to keep my cube nice and warm! They are being delivered to the office tomorrow. I can't wait!

28 September 2009

isn't being sick great?

no. no it's not. not when you have to be an adult. and go to work. and have to think and be coherent (although i love the research project that i'm working on, much better than scanning or printing). gone are the days when you can skip class and be sick at home in your pajamas today. sad and sad.

my favorite part of being sick is when you have to go to the grocery store to buy medicine. i feel like it must just look hilarious-sick girl stocking up on nyquil, dayquil, kleenex, and vitamins. too bad my medicine stash didn't make the packing cut.

honestly though. the best part of being sick. nyquil. is it bad that i think it tastes good? probably. good thing i don't get sick that often.

in other news: i got my insurance card in the mail today. my very own insurance card. i'm officially a real person now.

My to do list this week:

1. Find some cute rainboots-fall is officially here and I'm totally unprepared. Anyone know where I can get some great rainboots?

2. Figure out the laundry situation-we actually have laundry in our building but apparently it's super sketch and dirty dirty. I'm thinking wash and fold? But have this fear they will somehow ruin all my clothes (which may not be a bad thing because I'm currently hating everything I own...)

3. Decorate! We finally got all our furniture-kitchen table, couch, my bedroom furniture! Now I just need to decide how I'm going to decorate. Too bad I'm the least decoraty person there is. Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

24 September 2009

The magic word


This week I have had great experiences with delivery. Over the weekend I needed to go grocery shopping. I got caught up doing other important things (brunch, visiting my new baby cousin, watching that BYU game...) that I didn't have a chance to grocery shop and come Monday I pretty much had zero food at my apartment. I had all kinds of things to do Monday evening so I couldn't go to the store then so I decided to give Fresh Direct a try. Fresh Direct is this company out here that lets you order your groceries online! You pick out everything you want and then pick a time for them to come deliver it to your house! How great is that! I live on the 5th floor of a walk-up building and of course don't have a car so if I shop at all, I can only buy as much as I want to haul around the city and up the 5 flights of stairs with me, but with fresh direct, it's someone else hauling your stuff up the stairs for you!

I placed my order Monday afternoon and Tuesday evening, it was all delivered to me! The poor man sounded like he was about to have a heart attack after carrying the box all the way up the stairs. I guess the stairs south of campus and the tanner building stairs prepared me for the 5 flights of stairs because I don't really notice them too much anymore. All my groceries arrived packed neatly into a box. It was like getting a fun package! AND it was cheaper than going to the grocery store! I am definitely a fan of Fresh Direct!

Second delivery experience: Since both me and Andrea are new to the city, we are basically starting from scratch with our apartment. I was in charge of getting the kitchen table and chairs. I found a good looking set online and decided to just order it without seeing it. There were several delivery options: curbside delivery (uh. no. there's no way i could get a table and chairs up the stairs and put them together. recall the bookcase incident...), in home delivery with no assembly (still no), in home delivery with full assembly (yes please). It was delivered tonight. Once again, the poor men that brought it up were on the brink of death after climbing the stairs with the huge box. It took them over an hour to assemble everything, which means it would've taken me at least 3. Worth every extra cent I paid. The finished product looks great though! Hooray for being an adult and owning my own furniture!

I guess to sum up my ramblings: Delivery, big fan. Love it.

2 down, 2 to go!

So after a week of anxiously checking the nasba website to see if my audit score had posted, I finally found out tonight! I PASSED!!! What a relief! I barely passed, but passing is passing.

Only 2 parts left! I'm on my way to CPA!

21 September 2009

quick updates!

yes. i have been neglecting the blog. we don't have internet at the apartment yet and i'm not so sure about blogging at work, hence this is coming from a starbucks about a block from my place.

suffice it to say that i LOVE it here. LOVE. my place still doesn't have furniture and is an utter disaster. i'm still meeting people and making friends and trying to figure out where i fit in this big city. but i'm happier than happy!

the first week of work was absolutely insane. we worked 62 hours in 4 days. i work with fun people so it wasn't too horrible but it was quite the way to begin work and i got a car service home every night so my dreams of having a driver came true! since the 15th things have been SUPER slow. hopefully i'll get some CPA studying in. i've passed one part, still waiting to hear about one part (and the suspense is seriously killing me), and have 2 more to take before december 1st.

i have managed not to get completely lost on the subway or above ground. i have eaten at great restaurants and shopped just a little bit. today i discovered a good spin class. and i've made several adult type decisions involving 401(k)s, furniture, insurance, etc.

i have just been informed that starbucks is closing which means my internet time is up! i'll post some pictures of the new place soon!

09 September 2009


Me with my 5 suitcases the day I arrived in NYC

I rarely pack my own suitcases. This was actually brought to my attention in a letter from sister (oh how I miss her...). I had told her that my friends helped me pack everything to take to New York and this was her response:

"I laughed when you said that your friends helped you pack. Someday you will have to learn how to do that yourself."

It's not that I don't know how. I am perfectly capable of packing my own suitcases. I just don't really like to. Thank goodness for wonderful friends and my mamma who are willing to pack me! :)

Another thought I had today-completely off topic from packing-my days of singing in the car are over! I was watching Glee (any thoughts on the show? i am still undecided...) and it made me want to sing! Then I realized the only time I really sing is when no one can hear me when I'm driving. Since I don't drive anymore...I don't really have singing time anymore! I suppose I could sing on the subway? or while I'm walking down the street? Ha. Don't think that will be happening anytime soon.

One last random thought: I'm going to be in downtown NYC on September 11th. Deloitte's office is actually right across the street from the World Trade Center site. That should be interesting...

08 September 2009

First day of work!

So from the time I was little little I would take a first day of school picture in front of the door every year. I even continued the tradition on to my college years-taking some kind of first day of school picture. Since this year I didn't go back to school I decided to take a first day of work picture instead!

Another thing I loved-buying school supplies! I always got so excited to pick out new folders and a planner and pens, etc. This year instead of school supplies, I got to pick out a bed and new bedding! Oh the joys of "adult life." Up next...furniture to furnish my cute little apartment! Yay!

05 September 2009

I have a home!

So I have a ton of pictures to post from my last days in Provo/SLC and from my arrival in NYC, but for now I have great news to share....


It is on the Upper West Side in a great neighborhood, right near Riverside park, and is so cute!! I can't wait to move in and get settled!!! I forgot to take pictures but don't worry....I'll post some soon!

Yay! I'm not homeless anymore!

02 September 2009

Goodbye Utah, Hello New York City!

well. this is it. after several car trips from provo to salt lake, bidding farewell to so many, multiple weepy moments, packing my life into 5 suitcases with the help of some of my incredible friends (ps-good job guys, none of them were over weight), and one last look at my house i'm bidding farewell to utah. i can't believe it's finally time to move to NYC!! i am sadder than expected to be leaving utah but oh so excited for the adventures that await in new york!!

01 September 2009

will return soon!

surprise! i'm leaving wednesday night instead of thursday. which cuts out my packing day. ah! i'll be back soon-with the rest of august's picture of the day posts, with goodbye pictures, and i'm sure with stories of the great migration...