28 September 2009

isn't being sick great?

no. no it's not. not when you have to be an adult. and go to work. and have to think and be coherent (although i love the research project that i'm working on, much better than scanning or printing). gone are the days when you can skip class and be sick at home in your pajamas today. sad and sad.

my favorite part of being sick is when you have to go to the grocery store to buy medicine. i feel like it must just look hilarious-sick girl stocking up on nyquil, dayquil, kleenex, and vitamins. too bad my medicine stash didn't make the packing cut.

honestly though. the best part of being sick. nyquil. is it bad that i think it tastes good? probably. good thing i don't get sick that often.

in other news: i got my insurance card in the mail today. my very own insurance card. i'm officially a real person now.


HRH said...

How adult. Hope you get feeling better soon. Missing you more every day.

T-Ray said...

Oh no! I hope you feel better soon!