21 June 2012

I'm IN for the run of my life!

For the past few weeks, I have been getting emails with the subject line: You're IN for the Run of Your Life!!! What exactly does that mean?


I couldn't be more excited about this. I qualified through the NY Road Runners last year by running 9 races with them (at least 3 of them were with a stress fracture I didn't know I had) and volunteering for 1 (I got to march in a parade representing the motherland of Colombia). Little did I know I wouldn't be living in NYC at the time of the marathon-which makes it that much more exciting to go back and run!!!

I've been getting these emails for the past few weeks, counting down the weeks until the marathon. Making it clear to me that I probably should start training for this thing soon. Training begins on Saturday!!!!! I will be doing my first training run in sunny St George. Hopefully I won't melt. And hopefully my previously stress fractured foot will hold up for 20 weeks of marathon training. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Check out this video...(I may have teared up while watching. I miss NYC!!!!!)

I cannot wait to be a part of it this year!!!!!