10 December 2013

Weekend update: Thanksgiving Edition

I’m going to consider Thanksgiving a full-weekend event. Even though it’s on a Thursday. And even though I had to work the Friday afterwards

Turkey Day
This year the Janmohammeds were kind enough to invite us over for Thanksgiving dinner. It was just me, my mamma, and my daddy since Marissa had to work and since my mom’s family is pretty apathetic about the whole holiday. We had a really fun time with the Janmohammeds though! We went over early in the day and got some card playing in. We played Nerts and everyone but me was playing with a pair. Somehow I still managed to nearly dominate the game. Ha ha.

Dinner was fantastic-with all of the fixings! We had turkey, Pam’s amazing homemade stuffing, potatoes, asparagus, rolls, and of course some jello. I ate enough so that I was pleasantly full-which is always nice. 

After dinner we rested a bit, watched some football, and played a little bit of the wii. We had dessert then I said my goodbyes and made my way over to Jeremy’s house to catch the tail end of their Thanksgiving. His fam was mostly finished so we just hung out and chatted a bit then watched The Internship. Funny movie. It’s a good redbox rental.

Friday I had to work. It’s not a company holiday and since my family and Jeremy were also working, there’s no sense in wasting a day of PTO to do nothing at home. The highlight of my workday on Friday was getting to have lunch with Ashley!! She was in town for Thanksgiving and came up to City Creek to have lunch with Karen and I. We went to one of our new favorites and had a lovely lunchtime chat. I seriously miss that girl and tried to convince her about 10 times to move to Salt Lake. I’m not quite sure if it worked…

Friday night Jeremy and I went out with some other friends to see Catching Fire. It was a good movie-but I wish that I had read the book more recently so I kind of had an idea of what was going to happen. I’ve read it but it’s been a while and I’ve read a handful of other dystopian series in between so I couldn’t remember what happens in which one. While it was a good movie, it was a one-timer for me. Turns out I don’t like all the violence.

Saturday was a busy busy day!! I started of the morning right-breakfast with Caroline for her birthday!! Sadly we didn’t take a single photo. Fail. We went to Faustina and I had the most delicious eggs benedict. We chatted and caught up on life and I made fun of Caroline for being so old now (she’s a whopping 42 days older than me). It was a good time!

Then I ran a billion errands: Trader Joes, picked up something in South Jordan, went to the fabic store and immediately turned around when they told me it would be a 2-3 hour wait to get fabric cut (what?!? Who has time to wait around for 2-3 hours?!), went to the mall, went to the store. It was a busy but productive afternoon.

Saturday night we went out for dinner for Melissa’s birthday. It was fun to be able to celebrate her! Little did she know that we were planning a surprise party for later that night! While everyone else distracted her, I went home to coordinate the surprise part of the party. While we were waiting for the guest of honor, we had a little bit of fun with Karen’s phone cover:

I think she was legitimately surprised and had a good time. I’m glad that we were all able to keep the secret!!

Sunday was Sunday. I baked 3 different batches of cookies for a cookie exchange I was participating in and went to church. Nothing too crazy or exciting.

Up Ahead
This week is looking somewhat calm but the weekend will be busy with all kinds of fun! Our Christmas cocktail party on Friday, ward party on Saturday, and the Christmas devotional on Sunday! So fun!

26 November 2013

October 2013

I hardly blogged at all in October. Ooops. It was a good month! Some fun things happened!!

Jane and I went to the Joshua Radin/Matt Nathanson concert. It did not disappoint. Sometimes I wonder why on earth I see Joshua Radin in concert so many times. Then I see him live and I remember. He’s just SO GOOD. He only played a few songs because he was the opener for Matt Nathanson. I had seen Matt Nathanson years ago and had forgotten how entertaining he is!!! Joshua is really quiet and relaxed. Matt Nathanson is a crack up. He’s super funny and full of energy. He is so fun to see in concert. If you have the chance, go!!

The second weekend on October, Jane and I went to Rexburg to visit Jen!! Rexburg weekends are always so much fun. It’s great to see Jen-I wish she didn’t live so far!!! We did our annual advent calendar craft. And I actually finished my whole thing! Miracle!!! They turned out super cute and I’m excited to use it this year! We also made some delicious Thai food. Whenever I go to Rexburg, I know we will eat delish things, that’s just how they roll up there.

I spent nearly a week in St George for work. It was actually really nice to have a little solo vacation. By the end of the week though, I was ready to be back with people again and back to my real life.

October also included lots of Junior League meetings and lots of Jeremy time. Both good things. The weekend before Halloween, I went with Jeremy to the Macklemore concert. I was pleasantly surprised with how good they were!! They put on a great show and were great performers. We had a great time! We also made it to a Jazz game. They got a new jumbo tron screen and jumbo is an understatement. The new screen is enormous. I think I talked about the screen for at least the first quarter of the game.

On Halloween we had a little lunch and party at work. It still is so funny to me that people dress up for work. My coworkers are super fun and get really into it which makes it fun. Dressing up for work was actually the only time I dressed up this year.

October was a good month! It just flew by and now it’s time for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and then my birthday! The holiday season is here!!!