14 June 2009

Thank you James

It is my dream to have one of these. Not the car, but the man driving it. Seriously, how sweet would it be to have someone to drive you anywhere you want to go, anytime. And all you'd have to do was get in and enjoy the ride-no driving to worry about, no traffic, no cops.  And yes, his name would be James (a perfect chauffeur name) and he would of course wear one of those great chauffeur hats. And yes, I'm just a little bit ridiculous.

05 June 2009

not asleep

mid-afternoon nap + not working out due to stress fracture scare= not being able to sleep. boo.

01 June 2009

My name is Erin and I was a teeny-bopper

True. I was in LOVE with JTT, NSync, and the Backstreet Boys. I had the magazines, the posters in my room.  I went to all of the concerts (my very first concert was the Backstreet Boys with my Daddy), bought all of the paraphernalia, and screamed along with the other billion teeny boppers there. 

 Turns out some things never change. Saturday night, sister and I are seeing this one...
and I couldn't be more excited!!!

PS-I know I am overdue in posting pictures from graduation, Puerto Rico, and my camping trip. Don't worry...they're coming soon.