23 April 2014

30 by 30: 1st quarter check-in

There are only 9 months until I turn 30! Ack!! It’s time for a quarterly 30 by 30 check in!
  • Thing 1: I have really been slacking on getting to the Utah temples. I have been to Salt Lake. I need to start planning some trips!
  • Thing 4: I have managed to send 23 pieces of mail. So it seems that I’m right about on track with this one.
  • Thing 5: I think I’ve mostly solved the constant headache problem so I’m looking forward to being more active this summer and getting back into shape!!
  • Thing 7: I have been to 11 new restaurants! This is a fun one and keeps me from going to the same places over and over again. 19 more to go!
  • Thing 11: I subscribe to this great craft project subscription thing. It’s so fun. Every month they send you a box with everything you need to make 4 simple crafty projects. So far I have made: glitter votive glasses, glitter earrings, drop earrings, and a gold bead ring. It’s so fun doing the jewelry pieces. I kind of want to sign up for a whole jewelry making class! Anyone want to join?!
  • Thing 12: During the month of February, Marissa and I watched the top 5 romantic movies of all time. With each movie we watched we tried to cook a themed dinner to go with it. It was so much fun!! And it helped me knock off 2 movies: Gone with the Wind and Casablanca!
  • Thing 17: I have read 2 new to me books! I read the Book Thief and The Noticer. Both very good. I enjoyed them. And I’m almost done with Mindy Kahlings Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me. Such a funny read. I’ve really like it so far and it’s had me laughing out loud at points.
  • Thing 22: I joined the Junior League at the end of last year!! I had wanted to join in NYC but just didn’t have the time so I decided to join here. Being a provisional was a lot of fun. It’s been somewhat of an adjustment being an active member but overall I’m enjoying it and looking forward to being more active with it in the future.
  • Thing 25: Done and done :)
  • Thing 29: I need to go through and make a list of all of the hymns and check off the ones I can already play. I can play a good handful of them!
  • Thing 30: I have made 24 new-to-me recipes! So right on track with this one.
In looking over my goals I realized I kind of went a little crazy on the traveling goals. If I had unlimited funds and time off, I could totally accomplish them all. But those things called working and money I think will make doing all of them rather difficult. So I’m going to change a few. They’re my goals-I can do what I want.  :)

(perhaps at some point I'll add in some photos here...) 

09 April 2014

365 days of my life!

I've starting another 365 days of photos over here! Check it out!