11 October 2011

Weekend Update!

It was a lovely weekend in NYC last weekend. The weather was PERFECT!! I almost needed to pull out the sundresses again it was so warm! I wish the weather would stay like that forever. I am dreading the cold, terribleness that is winter...

Friday afternoon around 3pm my manager came over and told me that I could finish what I was working on next week and take off. She didn't need to tell me twice-I was out of there in a flash. The weather was sunny and cool-perfect weather for a mid-afternoon run! I ran just 3 miles along the river and it was so wonderful!

After my run, I decided to bake. Ages and ages ago my ward did a charity auction for the tsumani relief in Japan. I auctioned off a month's worth of homemade cookies and have yet to pay up. I finally baked batch #1-Sea salt chocolate chip cookies. SO yummy! And after a week with no treats/sweets, they tasted even better!

There was an NYC singles conference going on this weekend and Friday was the opening fireside. Elder Nash spoke and it was actually really good! After the fireside, scary movie month continued with a showing of Scream. Scream is a little bit more funny than scary-to see that guy running around with that mask and that funny black outfit. I actually fell asleep half way through so we have yet to finish it!

The conference continued on Saturday with workshops and a lunch. Saturday afternoon we split up into groups and went on various excursions around the city. I was supposed to lead the Highline walking tour but they didn't need me so I joined the group heading over to the Met. We walked through the park-which was so lovely. I haven't had a leisurely park walk in a while!

View of the Bethesda fountain!

Usually when I go to the Met it's either winter or it's raining, so I've never been able to go on the roof. Saturday was the perfect day for finally visiting the roof! It's really cool up there, you can see fun skyline views and the treetops in the park. They have some cool sculptures up there and a bar. It's a fun little spot to hang out! After hanging out on the roof a bit, I went and hung out in my favorite spot in the museum-the room with the ancient Egyptian temple surrounded by water. I LOVE that place. I have got to get to Egypt one of these days! I spent the rest of the afternoon walking back through the park and hanging out outside. It was just too nice to not be inside!

Saturday night my friend Rachel threw a favorite things party. It was really fun!! Everyone brought a fun favorite thing for a gift exchange. We just hung out, ate delicious treats, and got to see everyone's favorite things. Such a fun idea for a girls get-together! I got this really cool dry shampoo, which is now my newest favorite thing-anything to let me get a little more sleep in the mornings!

I lounged in bed forever on Sunday which was so wonderful! Lately I have been up earlier on the weekends than I am during the week. Eeeek! It felt really good to just lounge a bit. 

Sunday afternoon was filled with church, a linger longer, another walk through the park, and a nap!

Sunday night my friend Angela made a bunch of us a delicious Brazilian dinner. I need to expand my cooking horizon and learn how to cook new things! After Brazilian dinner, I headed down to Caroline and Steph's for a little rooftop s'mores fun. Again, perfect night to be outside. We won't have many nights like that left so might as well make the most of it!!

It was a nice, low-key weekend. And as usual, it went by WAY too fast!

07 October 2011

The Friday Five: Round 2

It's time for another Friday Five!

1. What I'm reading...

Still reading Memoirs of Cleopatra and still loving it. Thank goodness for the Kindle. The book is almost 1000 pages and there's no way I'd be hauling that thing around in my purse! Caesar was just murdered...bring on Marc Anothony!!

2. What I'm listening to...

I have a new favorite song. I listen to it at least 5 times a day and may dance in my chair while I'm listening...

3. What I'm watching...

We decided to get cable back so I've been watching Boy Meets World and What I Like About You as I get ready in the morning. I just love those cheesy shows! Who didn't love Corey, Topanga, and Shawn?!

4. What I'm eating...

TACOS!!!! Tuesday was National Taco Day so of course Jen and I had to celebrate by going to La Esquina and getting their delicious tacos and corn. I love tacos so much-I could seriously eat them every day for the rest of my life and be happy!

5. What I'm pinning...

Again, still not into pinning, but from reading blogs, I have seen a TON of delicious pumpkin things that other people have found from pinterest. I found some pumpkin at Trader Joe's yesterday so I'll be trying out a delish pumpkin recipe this weekend! YUM!

What are your Friday Five?!

06 October 2011

It's official..

...I signed up for my SECOND MARATHON!!!!!

Registration is complete-I am in! Plane tickets are purchased.

18 March 2012

The course: awesome-you run past all of the wonderful things in Rome
The food: um hello? carb loading in Italy? yes please!! Gelato as an after race treat? yum!!

Training starts November 1st!! I could not be more excited!!!

03 October 2011

Weekend Update!

**I started writing this on Monday when it was more applicable, but didn't get to finish until today...ooops...

It was a really nice weekend. Slow, quiet, and relaxing. I love conference weekend. It seems like it always comes along right when I am needing it!

Went and saw Fast Five in IMAX! Ha ha ha! I got an email from AMC saying they were showing select movies in IMAX for only $7!! That is almost as cheap as a morning movie! And forget ever seeing a normal IMAX movie for this price. It was the perfect rainy Friday night activity. And who doesn't love a little bit of Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, and the Rock to start the weekend off right?

Started with morning with a little race in Central Park. I decided a month or so ago that I want to run the NYC Marathon in 2012. The NYRR has this program that if you run 9 races and volunteer at 1 in the calendar year, you automatically get into the marathon the next year. Since I decided to do this with 4 months left in the year, I am going to be running a slew of races in the next few months to get my 9 races in. Saturday morning was the Norway Run-a nice 1.7 mile run of the lower loop of the park. They had a half marathon option-2 loops of the park, but I am not anywhere near trained for that and 2 loops of the park sounds like the most boring route of all time. After my run, I went to spin class and spun my little heart out. I just love spin so much!!

Saturday afternoon was occupied with conference. I LOVE conference weekend. It's so nice to just stay holed up in the house, in pajamas, watching the leaders of our church and listening to their guidance and counsel.

Saturday evening Jane and I went to the Russian/Turkish baths in the East Village! It was actually a lot of fun. They have a bunch of different saunas and steam rooms. You just hang out and chat. I feel like everywhere I go is freezing-work, my apartment, the subway (they still have the air conditioners on!) so it was nice to just hang out and be warm. I definitely want to go back-especially during the cold winter months!

Sunday was full of food and conference. It was Ashley's birthday so we did a pre-conference brunch. It was SO delicious-Karen did an amazing job with the food. I made a quiche which was also yummy-I love quiche. And actually all brunch food in general. 

Brunch was followed by conference, a between conference nap, and then more conference.

Sunday night we had some people over for dinner. I bought a crockpot (eeek! so excited!) so for the crock pot's maiden voyage we made Cafe Rio pork and had pork tacos. The maiden voyage was a success. Dinner was a lot of fun. It was a good, random group of people and the food was delish!

That is about it for my weekend update. It was a good, relaxing weekend!!