28 October 2010

My latest...

...fav song
...movie I'm dying to see
...adventure I'm planning
...treat I crave all the time
...other movie I'm so excited for! already have tickets!
...potential client location for the next 3 or so months...hm
...favorite TV show

26 October 2010

This day in history...

Does anyone else like to read about what happened on this day in history? I always find it kind of interesting. Maybe it's just me. Well, in my boredom at work today I decided to look at this day in this history of my life, or more specifically my gchat. And I've decided to share it with you...

2006-All I gchatted about was stressing over the jr core. Financial homework! Ah! Systems quiz! Ah! That was basically how I spend my entire jr year of college...

2007-I had ZERO gchats from Oct 26, 2007. Guess why. I was here. In NYC. Doing the first of my 3 flyout interviews with none other than Deloitte. Funny that I'm right here again 3 years later...

2008-I must have been baking something delicious because the few gchats I found were all about people wanting some of whatever I was making. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies? I have no idea...

2009-I was bored at work, chatting about boys with Mika, freaking out about studying for FAR, just a regular day

and today? Let's see...topics range from Halloween, to boys, to roommate day at Deloitte, to hunting and making jerky. Even though work has been boring times 10, it's been an interesting day on gchat. Ha ha ha

25 October 2010

Work Field Trip!

I loved field trips in elementary school (and let's be honest, in jr high, high school, and college). There is something about leaving whatever you are supposed to be doing, to go do something else that is exciting. And yes, that sentence didn't make much sense. Whatever.

Today we got to go on a field trip for work! The parter on my last engagement got tickets to the David Letterman show! Me and 14 of my coworkers got to go as her guests! I actually don't watch David Letterman. I don't think he's that funny-I prefer Jay Leno. Nonetheless, I was rather excited to leave work early to go. I definitely felt like a tourist waiting in line with a couple hundred other people trying to get in. Thankfully we had real tickets so we got to bypass them all. Ha.

I don't know anything about the film world so it was interesting to go see what filming a show is all about. We actually watched the taping of Friday night's show. So if you watch David Letterman, look for me in the audience on Friday. I was rather disappointed to find out that the show didn't actually air live. Kind of takes the fun out of it. We got to see David Letterman interview Michael J Fox and Shaun White. I am so out of the loop that I had to do some google research to find out why both of these people are a big deal right now. Just FYI-the 25th Anniversary edition of Back to the Future is being released this week (Michael J Fox) and there is some new skateboarding xbox, PS360, something gaming system game being released this week. It was really cool to see Michael J Fox and to hear about his Parkinson's foundation and what they are doing to find a cure. It made me want to go back to school to become a geneticist a little bit...Shaun White was not that exciting-but maybe it's because I'm not really into snowboarding/skateboarding.

All in all, it was a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Definitely beats freezing in my cube all afternoon...

21 October 2010

Halloween Anxiety

i am the worst at halloween...just a taste as to how bad at halloween i am here are a few photos from past halloweens for your viewing pleasure..

Halloween 2007-no photos. we did not do anything

Halloween 2008- we decided to forego dressing up and went to dinner and a scary movie. we went and saw The Haunting of Molly Hartley. it was so terrible that we ended up leaving half way through and calling it a night early

Halloween 2009-probably my most successful halloween in a few years. we went to a 7 deadly sins party and i was supposed to be wrath. not quite sure if i pulled it off, but definitely a step up in the dressing up department from the previous year (which is not hard to do considering we did not dress up...)

i always say that i hate halloween but that's not true. i think halloween is actually really fun especially here in new york. everyone seems to get really into it. there is a big parade (of course, nyc loves their parades), lots of parties and halloween events. i just am never ready for it. around july/august i start thinking that i should get a jump start on a halloween costume, to avoid the happenings of the year before. inevitably it gets to be the week before halloween and i realize i have no idea what to dress up as and have nothing to wear. welp. here we are again. approximately a week before halloween and i am drawing a blank. suggestions for a great costume would be appreciated...

14 October 2010


Goodness. So much for doing a photo a day...eek. I have not been the best blogger (obviously) but I intend to get back on the blogging bandwagon. Perhaps I'll do a large summer catch-up post, but for now I will leave you with this:


Remember when I posted about going to India? Well, I finally went!! It was so amazing and I loved almost every bit of it! We were there for only 5 days and I definitely could've spent at least another week there. Above is a link to my friend Tracy's blog. She is quite the blogger and photographer and she's a bit more on the ball then I am when it comes to blog posting. So check out her blog and you can see a glimpse of some of my adventures in the motherland!!