14 December 2011

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

One of my newest favorites, Andrew Belle sings Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas...

Only one more week until I go home! Yayyy!

12 December 2011

fortune cookie says...

"Nothing is better than the riches of a sound body"

Funny. Thanks fortune cookie-I am well aware of this fact right now.

In other news, my doctor gave me the OK to run my last race to qualify for the NYRR 9+1 program for the New York Marathon next year before giving me the dreaded boot (Dec 21-mark your calendars). So while I won't be running in Rome I will be running the NY marathon next year!! YAY!! I am excited/nervous for this last run-it's 9 miles in the park. Eeeeek. Kind of a big jump from my 5 mile run last weekend. But I will finish-regardless of whether I run, walk, or crawl.

I'm putting together a playlist of my most favorite songs for this run but am in need of some good new music...any suggestions anyone?

07 December 2011

stress fractured

well. the diagnosis is in. and my foot is in fact stress fractured. what does this mean? no miami half marathon. no rome marathon. a very snazzy and stylish boot (read terrible walking cast velcro-strapped boot) for 3 weeks. and 6 weeks off of running completely.

needless to say. today was a less than great day.

06 December 2011

HBBC Week 2

Here are what the stats look like for week 2. My foot has seriously been acting up-my doctor and PT think it may be a stress fracture. Cue freak out here...I have been taking it easy during the week so I can at least get my long runs in on the weekends. I went in for an MRI yesterday. First MRI ever! Kind of an adventure. I don't think I have held that still for so long, ever. I should find out the results tomorrow or Thursday. Eeeek!

Anyways...HBBC week 2 round up:
Mon: 1 hr of power dance-4 points
Tues: 1 hr of weight lifting-3 points
Grand total: 7 points!