02 July 2014

30 by 30: Q2 check-in

We are down to only 6 months until I turn 30. Where has the year gone!! It’s time for a quarterly 30 by 30 check in! I’ve made some good progress the last 6 months and have accomplished some goals on the list!
  • Thing 2: I have changed Hike Havasupai to Hike Mt Olympus. I need to figure out the details on this and plan a time to go do it!
  • Thing 4: I am up to 43 pieces of mail! Almost to the half way point! Anyone out there want to be snail mail pen pals?!
  • Thing 7: I have accomplished this goal and have been to 35 new restaurants! This was a fun goal and made me look for new and different places to go rather than going to the same old places all the time.
  • Thing 12: I crossed off one more movie on the list-we watched Charade, which was a fun movie! I’m hoping some of the outdoor movies this summer will be movies on my list to watch.
  • Thing 14: I visited Seattle!!! Sister and I went and we had a blast. Seattle is such a fun, manageable city. I cannot wait to return!
  • Thing 17: I’m up to 4 books-since last time I finished Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me and The Fault in Our Stars. Couldn’t put that one down-such a good, quick, easy read!
  • Thing 18: Plans are in the very early stages for an international trip this fall. I’m excited about it!
  • Thing 19: Megan and I hosted a favorite things party!! It was SO much fun. We had a great group of girls that came and everyone brought really fun ‘favorite things’. I think we’re going to make this a bi-annual tradition!
  • Thing 30: I’m up to 37 new recipes. This is such a fun one-I love recipes and cookbooks and am having fun finding new-to-me recipes to try!
Plans are already in the works to cross off another handful of goals. It’s been a lot of fun!!

30 June 2014

Weekend Update: 6.29.2014

It has been ages upon ages since I’ve done one of these!

Friday night was so lovely! Jane, Sharon and I ate a delicious dinner at Citris Grill (actually managed to use one of my groupons before it expired). And then we went and just hung out at Jane’s house. It was so lovely to be with two of my favorites. I am the luckiest to have found some AMAZING friends while I was living in NYC and always love any time spent with them.

Saturday was lovely and actually somewhat productive! I took my car to get the emissions checked (don’t worry-it passed!), ran some errands, and worked on organizing my room. It’s a never ending process and I’ve decided that perhaps watching some episodes of Hoarders will inspire me to just throw all the things away. Saturday afternoon was the Colombia v Uruguay soccer game. I convinced my mamma that we should eat Colombian lunch to celebrate. Jane and Jeremy came over and we had a very delicious lunch and watched the game. To top it off, Colombia won!!!! HOORAY!!

Saturday night Jeremy and I went out with Matt and Caroline. We went out for Indian food to one of our favorite places and then played a round of mini golf at Mulligan’s. Usually Jeremy and I are pretty close but I managed to lose spectacularly. Even with Jeremy’s big win, my over 25 par score pulled us down and we lost the ice cream bet to Matt and Caroline. Despite all the losing, we had a great time with them!

It was a good Sunday. I went to church with my mamma at the home ward. I love going to the home ward so much.

Then I baked my little heart out-I made a tres leches cake for Jane’s goodbye party (let’s not talk about that) and also made delicious chocolate mint chip cookies for Jeremy (another bet that I lost). I also made the most amazing enchiladas for Sunday dinner. I need to write the recipe down so I don’t forget how I made them-I kind of just made things up as I went along.

We had Mario and Dale over for dinner which is always a good time. And then I went to a dessert party at Jane’s. It was lovely and I chatted with a good handful of great people I hadn’t seen in ages.

It was a great weekend-I was so not ready for it to be over!

Up Ahead
This week should be a good one-it’s a 4 day work week which is always great! Activities for the week include Ladies Dinner Club, hot yoga, a massage, an outdoor symphony concert and a trip to St George!

23 April 2014

30 by 30: 1st quarter check-in

There are only 9 months until I turn 30! Ack!! It’s time for a quarterly 30 by 30 check in!
  • Thing 1: I have really been slacking on getting to the Utah temples. I have been to Salt Lake. I need to start planning some trips!
  • Thing 4: I have managed to send 23 pieces of mail. So it seems that I’m right about on track with this one.
  • Thing 5: I think I’ve mostly solved the constant headache problem so I’m looking forward to being more active this summer and getting back into shape!!
  • Thing 7: I have been to 11 new restaurants! This is a fun one and keeps me from going to the same places over and over again. 19 more to go!
  • Thing 11: I subscribe to this great craft project subscription thing. It’s so fun. Every month they send you a box with everything you need to make 4 simple crafty projects. So far I have made: glitter votive glasses, glitter earrings, drop earrings, and a gold bead ring. It’s so fun doing the jewelry pieces. I kind of want to sign up for a whole jewelry making class! Anyone want to join?!
  • Thing 12: During the month of February, Marissa and I watched the top 5 romantic movies of all time. With each movie we watched we tried to cook a themed dinner to go with it. It was so much fun!! And it helped me knock off 2 movies: Gone with the Wind and Casablanca!
  • Thing 17: I have read 2 new to me books! I read the Book Thief and The Noticer. Both very good. I enjoyed them. And I’m almost done with Mindy Kahlings Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me. Such a funny read. I’ve really like it so far and it’s had me laughing out loud at points.
  • Thing 22: I joined the Junior League at the end of last year!! I had wanted to join in NYC but just didn’t have the time so I decided to join here. Being a provisional was a lot of fun. It’s been somewhat of an adjustment being an active member but overall I’m enjoying it and looking forward to being more active with it in the future.
  • Thing 25: Done and done :)
  • Thing 29: I need to go through and make a list of all of the hymns and check off the ones I can already play. I can play a good handful of them!
  • Thing 30: I have made 24 new-to-me recipes! So right on track with this one.
In looking over my goals I realized I kind of went a little crazy on the traveling goals. If I had unlimited funds and time off, I could totally accomplish them all. But those things called working and money I think will make doing all of them rather difficult. So I’m going to change a few. They’re my goals-I can do what I want.  :)

(perhaps at some point I'll add in some photos here...) 

09 April 2014

365 days of my life!

I've starting another 365 days of photos over here! Check it out!

27 January 2014

Weekend update: 1.26.2014

It was a rather lovely weekend! Unfortunately I didn’t take many pictures…

Friday night Karen, Marissa, and I went to the opera! Karen and I try to get season tickets every year (you know, in the 2 years we’ve been here) and Rissa has been wanting to see La Traviata so she joined in the fun! The opera was lovely and the music was beautiful! It was a fun night!

Saturday was a good day. I had bought a KSL deal (I’m addicted to those stupid deal sites!) for the Crystal Hot Springs and in true Erin fashion, it was about to expire and I still hadn’t used it. So Marissa, Jane, Brie and I made the trip up to the booming metropolis of Honeyville, Utah to go to the hot springs. It was a fun adventure! We spent a little while at the hot springs and then made a stop at Brigham City’s famous drive-in, Maddox, for a late lunch on our way home.

Saturday night I went with Jeremy to a birthday party for one of his co-workers. We stayed there for a bit, did a little grocery shopping after, and then went home and had a movie night.

Sunday was a typical Sunday. Church was good. I wish that we had switched to 9am church though. I hate having church so late in the afternoon.

For dinner I made a fabulous lasagna! It was so yummy and now we have enough leftovers to last pretty much the whole week. I also did a little bit of baking. I had made a chocolate chip bundt cake to take to a Junior League event but when I was taking it out of the pan, it completely fell apart. It was too sad looking to take somewhere so it became our wedding cake for Sean and Catherine’s wedding. Then to replace the cake (I still had to have something to take to Jr League!) I made oatmeal butterscotch bars. Thankfully those fared better than the cake!

Up Ahead
This week should be a good one-Ladies Dinner Club, Junior League, and movie night with sister!!

Weekend update: Birthday edition!

I had a really fantastic birthday weekend!

Friday I had no things to do and the house to myself! It was kind of wonderful! I put on my pajamas early, ordered my favorite pizza, and spent the evening catching up on Revenge. Later sister and Sam came home so I hung out with them and played a little bit of Just Dance. It was a lovely way to spend a Friday night.

Saturday was my actual birthday and it was a great day!! I went to brunch with a handful of my favorite friends! It was a lovely way to spend the morning-eating delish food with people that I love. I completely forgot to take pictures at brunch so all I have is a couple of photos of some of us in the parking lot. Cool.

Saturday afternoon was nice and relaxed. I hung out with sister and took a nap. I love a good weekend nap!

Saturday night Jeremy took me out to Copper Onion. He had never been and it did not disappoint! It’s such a fun non-Utah-seeming restaurant and their food is awesome! Afterwards we saw American Hustle, which I have been wanting to see for a while. It was a strange movie but I ended up really liking it! Then it was present time! Jeremy spoiled me-he got me a couple of inside jokey things and then he got me an awesome pair of cozy sweats since I’m always stealing his. Ha ha. All in all it was a really great birthday!!

My parents were out of town on my actual birthday so we did my birthday dinner with them on Sunday! My request was tacos (yum!), 7 layer dip, and a red velvet cake. My mamma made a great dinner and sister made a fantastic cake from scratch!! After dinner we played trivial pursuit (best white elephant gift ever!). I was winning the entire game except I couldn’t seem to land on the right space. My mamma swooped in a won the whole thing!! It was a fun night and fun to spend time with the fam.

Up Ahead
The week ahead is looking pretty standard: Jr League, the bachelor, and more Jr League!