04 August 2014

Weekend update: 8.3.2014

Friday was a lovely low-key evening. I am apparently 90 years old and decided to purchase a Happenings book. You know, those books full of coupons to random places?! So we picked a restaurant from there and went out to dinner. We went to Millcreek Bar and Grill. Kind of a random, empty place but the food was decent. After wards we worked on catching up on Scandal!! Does anyone watch that show?!? We’re hooked!

Saturday morning I worked a volunteer shift at the Junior League Women Helping Women closet. It’s a great service provided to women entering the workforce. It’s essentially a store full of wear-to-work type clothes where women can come pick out outfits for interviewing or jobs, free of charge. I’m always reluctant to go on a Saturday morning, but in the end I’m always glad that I went. It makes me appreciate things that I generally take for granted.

Saturday afternoon I hung out with Jeremy and then we went to a wedding reception Saturday early evening. The reception was at these really cool gardens! It was fun to walk around and see all of the plants and trees. And of course it was fun to see the new bride and groom! After the reception we went to dinner. I finally won one week of our workout bet!! Hooray!! So my dinner pick was the Bohemian. It’s a great Czech/German/brewery type place and their food is AWESOME. I’ve discovered that the breweries around here generally have really fab food!

Afterwards we went home and watched Aladdin! After seeing the play on Broadway, we decided we need to have an Aladdin marathon and watch all 3 original movies! One down, two to go!

Sunday morning I made a not-so-delicious breakfast. I was really craving lemon ricotta pancakes but the recipe I used was just not great. I will have to continue my quest for a good recipe!! Church was good. Sunday night we had family dinner and played Phase 10. Sadly I came in second place to Jeremy, who pretty much dominated the entire game. It was a great Sunday!

Up Ahead
The week should be a fun one! My cousin Chris from NYC is coming to visit, Allison and her fam will be in town, and Jeremy is moving!