30 June 2014

Weekend Update: 6.29.2014

It has been ages upon ages since I’ve done one of these!

Friday night was so lovely! Jane, Sharon and I ate a delicious dinner at Citris Grill (actually managed to use one of my groupons before it expired). And then we went and just hung out at Jane’s house. It was so lovely to be with two of my favorites. I am the luckiest to have found some AMAZING friends while I was living in NYC and always love any time spent with them.

Saturday was lovely and actually somewhat productive! I took my car to get the emissions checked (don’t worry-it passed!), ran some errands, and worked on organizing my room. It’s a never ending process and I’ve decided that perhaps watching some episodes of Hoarders will inspire me to just throw all the things away. Saturday afternoon was the Colombia v Uruguay soccer game. I convinced my mamma that we should eat Colombian lunch to celebrate. Jane and Jeremy came over and we had a very delicious lunch and watched the game. To top it off, Colombia won!!!! HOORAY!!

Saturday night Jeremy and I went out with Matt and Caroline. We went out for Indian food to one of our favorite places and then played a round of mini golf at Mulligan’s. Usually Jeremy and I are pretty close but I managed to lose spectacularly. Even with Jeremy’s big win, my over 25 par score pulled us down and we lost the ice cream bet to Matt and Caroline. Despite all the losing, we had a great time with them!

It was a good Sunday. I went to church with my mamma at the home ward. I love going to the home ward so much.

Then I baked my little heart out-I made a tres leches cake for Jane’s goodbye party (let’s not talk about that) and also made delicious chocolate mint chip cookies for Jeremy (another bet that I lost). I also made the most amazing enchiladas for Sunday dinner. I need to write the recipe down so I don’t forget how I made them-I kind of just made things up as I went along.

We had Mario and Dale over for dinner which is always a good time. And then I went to a dessert party at Jane’s. It was lovely and I chatted with a good handful of great people I hadn’t seen in ages.

It was a great weekend-I was so not ready for it to be over!

Up Ahead
This week should be a good one-it’s a 4 day work week which is always great! Activities for the week include Ladies Dinner Club, hot yoga, a massage, an outdoor symphony concert and a trip to St George!