27 March 2012

Tuesday Tunes

It's no longer Tuesday here in NYC, but I'm sure it's Tuesday somewhere still. Or something. I've been packing boxes all day and am happy to say I'm nearly done. 

Today's Tuesday Tunes are brought to you by Billy Joel.

Movin' Out
This seems fitting for my day's activities. Not exactly sure what the lyrics are, but I'm moving out! So it works.

New York State of Mind
I love this song. And when I leave, I will probably shed a few tears when I hear this song for a little while. Such a good one.

20 March 2012

Tuesday Tunes!

I'm in Italy right now!!!! (wrote this before I left, trust me, I will not be blogging from Italy) Here are two of my favorite Italian songs...

50 Special-Luna Pop
I LOVE this song. I think we sang it in one of my Italian classes in college, it has since become one of my favorite running songs! It's all about taking a Vespa and going on vacation. Doesn't that sound lovely?!

La Vita E'-Nek
Nek is one of my Italian favorites. We sang a bunch of his songs in my classes too. This one is a fun one! I love Europop-it's so great!

13 March 2012

Tuesday Tunes (on Monday...ooops)

**Since not working, I have no idea what day it is. I thought today was Tuesday. Oops. You get Tuesday Tunes one day early!

It's time for some new songs! Hooray!

Call Me Maybe-Carly Rae Jeppson
This song is kind of teeny bopper-ish. But I still really like it. It's so fun! And the video is great too.

Safe and Sound-Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars
I discovered The Civil Wars after watching Something Borrowed, then discovered this song on Spotify. It's quiet and mellow and lovely (and I just discovered it's on the Hunger Games soundtrack-can't wait to see the movie!!)

09 March 2012

Flashback Friday #5

Monday, 9 March 2009

Gchat topics included...
  • Excitement about sister getting her mission call later that week!
  • Worky work-I worked as a Jr. Core grader that year. One of my favorite jobs that I had in college. Our group of graders had so. much. fun together. Even though we had to stay up until all hours of the night grading those tests, our group made it so much fun! From treats, to matching bestie tattoos, to playing jeopardy, we kept each other entertained. 

Cody and Jon. Besties for life. The temporary tattoos sealed the deal.

The grading triangle. Speed. Safety. Quality. 
Grading tests was a dangerous job but someone had to do it...

  • Talked to sister about our guesses to where she was going to get called to. And about Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2. 
  • Crazy BYU roommates and secret engagements
  • Apparently I had poodle hair that day. Gotta love curly hair sometimes...
  • Partnerships homework. Long gone are the days when I knew anything about taxes. Saddest.
  • VITA!

Oh the days of being a student. That was such a fun, crazy, busy semester!

08 March 2012

Last weekend's weekend update!

Happy Friday everyone!! In my time of leisure, I have been negligent in posting. When I'm not forced to spend at least 9 hours in front of a computer, turns out I rarely get on one. Oops. I have really been enjoying this "lady of leisure" business. Get excited for a post all about my first week of non-employment. Anyways...last weekend...


  • My last day of work!! Went into the office, sent a lovely goodbye email, lunched with my favorite co-workers, and peaced out of that popsicle stand! Adios work!!! You can bet that I walked out of there with the biggest smile on my face!
  • Indian appreciation night!! Every few months, Anita and I hold Indian Appreciation night. Basically we just get all our favorites together for a night of delicious Indian food. My last one before I leave the city! Sad face.
  • Stayed up far too late chatting and watching Portlandia. Have you watched? It's hilarious.

  • Despite my late night, I made it to spin class. Getting into my spin class has become such a process. I have to set my alarm for 6am Thursday morning. Call the gym. 97 times to get through the busy signal. Finally talk to someone to get my name put on a list. By 6:15, I am already #21 on the list. It's out of control. Apparently the best way to guarantee a spot is to actually go to the gym before it opens and wait until they unlock the doors to let you in to put your name down. Ridiculous. So of course after going through all that trouble to get on the list, I had to go. I was glad that I did. Spin makes me so happy!
  • Met up with Ashley, Jane, and Sharon for some Chipotle and chatty chat time. I seriously love those girls and it was fun to just chat and hang out!
  • Went to Hill Country for dinner with the cousins! Yum and yum. And so fun to hang with the cousins. I'm sad we didn't do it more often. I had these insane burbon sweet potatoes that I'm pretty sure had more burbon than potatoes. Ooops. 

  • Watched Brokedown Palace with some friends and decided that I need to go to Thailand. 
  • Stayed up FAR TOO LATE chatting and had to break my "no cabs for Lent" and take a cab home. Why am I even celebrating Lent? 
  • Churchy church. My last Sunday in my ward which is really weird. And very sad. I am leaving this place so soon and time is passing far too quickly!
  • Sunday catnap
  • Sunday dinner with Jane and Judy. We had a low-key, delicious dinner. It was so great!
  • The best part of Sunday? No Sunday night blues because I didn't have to go to work on Monday!!!!!!

06 March 2012

Tuesday Tunes

So I am loving this non-employment business. I have been feeling a bit under the weather these past couple of days so I haven't been out and about as much as I have wanted to, but the beauty of being non-employed is that I can just stay home! Have kind of a big day planned tomorrow-morning spin class (6:30 am thank you very much) and sightseeing with a friend that is in town. Should be lovely and it is finally supposed to be nice and warm. 

Today's songs are a couple of recent favorites:

Part of Me-Katy Perry
Just heard this today and I really like it!

Heard this on Vampire Diaries. Love and love.


02 March 2012

Flashback Friday #4

Today is a very exciting day!!! My last day of work!!!!! AHHH!!!! Today's flashback goes back to 2.5 years ago...

My first day of work at my first real job out of college! I was staying at my Aunt Camille's place in Queens as I couldn't move into my apartment yet. I had to be up at the crack of dawn to get the bus that would take me to the subway to get from Queens into the office on time for New Hire Orientation. While I was a little bit nervous, I was mostly excited. Excited to be back in the city, excited to see friends that I had interned with and hadn't seen for over a year, and excited for what this new NYC life would bring. Of course I had to take a traditional "first day of work" picture (since there is no longer First Day of School photos).

Crazy that just a few years later, I'm just as excited to leave as I was to start. It has been quite the past few years and I have learned a lot. It will be weird to not be working there anymore, and I will definitely miss my friends, but I'm excited for the new adventures that lay ahead!! I debated wearing the same outfit for my "last day of work" photo but it's jeans day so obvs I had to take advantage of that!

 (apparently 2.5 years later the pose is still the same...)