09 March 2012

Flashback Friday #5

Monday, 9 March 2009

Gchat topics included...
  • Excitement about sister getting her mission call later that week!
  • Worky work-I worked as a Jr. Core grader that year. One of my favorite jobs that I had in college. Our group of graders had so. much. fun together. Even though we had to stay up until all hours of the night grading those tests, our group made it so much fun! From treats, to matching bestie tattoos, to playing jeopardy, we kept each other entertained. 

Cody and Jon. Besties for life. The temporary tattoos sealed the deal.

The grading triangle. Speed. Safety. Quality. 
Grading tests was a dangerous job but someone had to do it...

  • Talked to sister about our guesses to where she was going to get called to. And about Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2. 
  • Crazy BYU roommates and secret engagements
  • Apparently I had poodle hair that day. Gotta love curly hair sometimes...
  • Partnerships homework. Long gone are the days when I knew anything about taxes. Saddest.
  • VITA!

Oh the days of being a student. That was such a fun, crazy, busy semester!