08 March 2012

Last weekend's weekend update!

Happy Friday everyone!! In my time of leisure, I have been negligent in posting. When I'm not forced to spend at least 9 hours in front of a computer, turns out I rarely get on one. Oops. I have really been enjoying this "lady of leisure" business. Get excited for a post all about my first week of non-employment. Anyways...last weekend...


  • My last day of work!! Went into the office, sent a lovely goodbye email, lunched with my favorite co-workers, and peaced out of that popsicle stand! Adios work!!! You can bet that I walked out of there with the biggest smile on my face!
  • Indian appreciation night!! Every few months, Anita and I hold Indian Appreciation night. Basically we just get all our favorites together for a night of delicious Indian food. My last one before I leave the city! Sad face.
  • Stayed up far too late chatting and watching Portlandia. Have you watched? It's hilarious.

  • Despite my late night, I made it to spin class. Getting into my spin class has become such a process. I have to set my alarm for 6am Thursday morning. Call the gym. 97 times to get through the busy signal. Finally talk to someone to get my name put on a list. By 6:15, I am already #21 on the list. It's out of control. Apparently the best way to guarantee a spot is to actually go to the gym before it opens and wait until they unlock the doors to let you in to put your name down. Ridiculous. So of course after going through all that trouble to get on the list, I had to go. I was glad that I did. Spin makes me so happy!
  • Met up with Ashley, Jane, and Sharon for some Chipotle and chatty chat time. I seriously love those girls and it was fun to just chat and hang out!
  • Went to Hill Country for dinner with the cousins! Yum and yum. And so fun to hang with the cousins. I'm sad we didn't do it more often. I had these insane burbon sweet potatoes that I'm pretty sure had more burbon than potatoes. Ooops. 

  • Watched Brokedown Palace with some friends and decided that I need to go to Thailand. 
  • Stayed up FAR TOO LATE chatting and had to break my "no cabs for Lent" and take a cab home. Why am I even celebrating Lent? 
  • Churchy church. My last Sunday in my ward which is really weird. And very sad. I am leaving this place so soon and time is passing far too quickly!
  • Sunday catnap
  • Sunday dinner with Jane and Judy. We had a low-key, delicious dinner. It was so great!
  • The best part of Sunday? No Sunday night blues because I didn't have to go to work on Monday!!!!!!


T-Ray said...

I have not seen Broke Down Palace in FOREVER!! I remember it was so sad though. And I have been wanting to go to Thailand for FOREVER!! So pretty there.

Caroline said...

Remember how I invited you to Thailand this summer?! Make it happen :)