07 October 2013

Weekend Update: 10.6.2013

This weekend was a good one. I went down to St George-it was so nice to escape to where it’s a little bit warmer!! I’m not ready for this cold weather business yet!

Friday I left work early so Megan, Camilla, and I could drive down to St George. Camilla was running the St George marathon Saturday morning and Megan and I went down to support! The drive was fine-I think 3 hours is my max drive time. I am just not a road trip girl. As soon as we got to St George we went to the expo so Camilla could pick up her packet. Then we went to Brick Oven for pizza and salad! Yum!

Saturday morning we took Camilla to the start line at 4 am! So early!! I was glad it was not me running and that I could go home and go back to bed! We slept in a bit and watched the morning session of general conference. I feel like Saturday always has really good talks-a reward of sorts for watching on Saturday. Ha.

We went and watched Camilla come through the finish line in the afternoon! So proud of her for finishing strong!! 

Then we grabbed a quick lunch and watched the afternoon session. After the afternoon session we lounged for a bit, got ready, then went to catch dinner and a movie. We saw Austenland!! If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. It’s a cute little chick flick that’s pretty hilarious. It was a fun way to spend the evening.

Sundays we hung around St George a little longer than we usually do. We had breakfast at the house and watched the morning session of conference and then headed back to the SLC afterwards.

Sunday evening was lovely. I had dinner with the fam, Jeremy came over for a bit, and we made some amazing banana bread. It was nice to end the evening relaxing at home!

Up Ahead
This week will be a busy one! Joshua Radin (eeek!) and Matt Nathanson concert, going to see Gravity, book club, and another weekend getaway-this time up north to Rexburg!