23 December 2009

I'll be home for Christmas!

First of all, thank you Delta for free wi-fi-currently I'm somewhere over the Pittsburgh-ish area of the country.

Can I just say that going home for Christmas was much MUCH easier when I lived a 40 minute drive away from home, rather than a six hour flight? I never realized how nice it was to be able to pack up my car, with as much stuff as I wanted, and drive home, whenever I decided to.

JFK was a disaster this morning. Seriously, I think 5 year olds could run the airport better. After standing in line for the 1 kiosk that was actually printing out boarding passes (note to self, check-in and print boarding pass at home next time) I waited in line for OVER AN HOUR just to drop off my suitcases. Which, ps, I had to pay $50 to get on the plane. Come on Delta, free wi-fi but no free baggage?? Good thing I decided to take a cab instead of taking the airtrain-I never would've made it...

The good news is that I'm on the plane and heading HOME!! We actually left JFK on time....I think...I fell asleep for a bit...and in some hours I'll be home in SLC! I can't wait!!

p.s. in the absence of my usual suitcases packers (ie my mom and or roommates and friends) i packed my own suitcase, all by myself...ha ha ha

20 December 2009

5 days...

...until I get to talk to this one!! What a great Christmas present!

17 December 2009

Jamie Cullum is coming to town!

Jamie is finally coming to NYC!! March 4th. Calendar is marked and I'm counting down the days!!

14 December 2009

17 days left...

...in 2009! Crazy! This year has gone so fast! With a little less than 3 weeks left in the year, I thought I'd do a review of my 2009 New Year's Resolutions and see how I ended up doing...

Resolution #1: Run the Salt Lake Half-Marathon in April. I'm also considering doing a triathlon in July...considering being the key word
Check! I did the SL Half and beat my last year's time! I also ended up doing the Wasatch Back and a couple of smaller races over the summer. I signed up for a triathlon but realized I'd probably drown and chickened out...perhaps next year?

Resolution #2: Be better at writing thank-you notes
Half check? I definitely wrote more thank you notes than I did previously...but there's still room for improvement...

Resolution #3: Keep my room clean
Um. Yes. My room was clean once in a while? Does that count? This will be a repeat resolution next year for sure.

Resolution #4: Cook more and eat out less
Half check? So when I was in Utah I did alright at cooking more but once I moved to NYC that all went down the drain. I think NYC is slowly sucking all of the domesticity out of me. Does making a bowl of cereal count as cooking? Sad and sad.

Resolution #5: Attend the temple at least twice a month
Half check? Again-when I was in UT I was pretty good at this. Not so much so being out here...

Resolution #6: Write in my journal at least once a week...I have about 15 journals in my room just waiting to be used
Check! I have actually been decent at writing in my journal. I've started writing on the computer because it's much faster. Of course anyone that reads my journal years down the road is going to think I'm completely ridiculous...but whatev.

Resolution #7: Be better at staying in touch with family and friends
Half check. I have kind of been better, but definitely could make more of an effort to stay in touch with my family out here in NYC...

Resolution #8: Exercise at least 4 times a week
Half check. Apparently not working or being in school did wonders for my resolution keeping. I was great at this over the summer and pretty decent during school at the beginning of the year. Again, not so much out here...

Resolution #9: Take advantage of all opportunities that come my way!
Check? I don't really know how to measure this or not. All in all, it's been a great year so far! So I'm going to call this resolution a success!

Overall I have 5.5 checks out of 9. Not too bad...time to start thinking about 2010 Resolutions!!

07 December 2009

my new purchase

i may have purchased a pair of these over the weekend. and i LOVE them. i am trying to figure out how i survived winter without them! am i totally ridiculous??