23 December 2009

I'll be home for Christmas!

First of all, thank you Delta for free wi-fi-currently I'm somewhere over the Pittsburgh-ish area of the country.

Can I just say that going home for Christmas was much MUCH easier when I lived a 40 minute drive away from home, rather than a six hour flight? I never realized how nice it was to be able to pack up my car, with as much stuff as I wanted, and drive home, whenever I decided to.

JFK was a disaster this morning. Seriously, I think 5 year olds could run the airport better. After standing in line for the 1 kiosk that was actually printing out boarding passes (note to self, check-in and print boarding pass at home next time) I waited in line for OVER AN HOUR just to drop off my suitcases. Which, ps, I had to pay $50 to get on the plane. Come on Delta, free wi-fi but no free baggage?? Good thing I decided to take a cab instead of taking the airtrain-I never would've made it...

The good news is that I'm on the plane and heading HOME!! We actually left JFK on time....I think...I fell asleep for a bit...and in some hours I'll be home in SLC! I can't wait!!

p.s. in the absence of my usual suitcases packers (ie my mom and or roommates and friends) i packed my own suitcase, all by myself...ha ha ha


T-Ray said...

So glad you are on your way home for Christmas. I am at work right now. And I don't get to go home.... I will however be in AZ in warmer weather for Christmas. Hope to see you while you are home. Merry Christmas.

Sarah said...

I was fun to see you here in P-town!