15 February 2010

ps-Coke at 9pm=bad idea. just for future reference...

The landlords might hate me.

I think our landlords think I'm ridiculous. It all started the first month that we lived in our apartment. I got home late one night. It was rainy and terrible outside and I was excited to just get in the apartment and relax. I hiked up the 5 flights of stairs to our apartment, got out my keys, and tried to open the door. For some reason, I could not unlock the door! No matter which way I turned the key, which lock I unlocked (and locked and unlocked again) the door would not open. Roommate was out, I was new to the city and didn't really know anyone that lived close, definitely didn't know any of our neighbors, I was stuck. I camped out on our stairs for a bit, thinking maybe if I gave it a rest for a second I'd be able to unlock the door and get into my apartment, but to no avail I just couldn't get it open!

Finally, after about half and hour maybe 45 minutes of trying, I gave up and had to call the landlord. How embarrassing to have to call the landlord and tell them you can't open the door. He said he'd be out to our building in about 30 minutes so I pulled out my book and started reading on the stairs while I waited. He arrived as promised and I apologized for making him come out in the rain so late. He then turned to the problematic door and opened it in about two seconds making me feel like a complete idiot. Turns out I just wasn't turning the key hard enough. Seriously? He was incredibly nice about it and assured me that he had to come out for another call anyways and left after giving me a lesson in unlocking the door. I am convinced he went home and told his family about the dumb girl that just moved in and can't unlock her own door.

Fast forward to about a week ago when I called to complain that our apartment was an ice box. Andrea actually called the day before and they came and "fixed it" but nothing the apartment was still freezing so called again. Don't worry-our apartment is like a sauna now. We have the fans on and the windows open...

Yesterday after a long day at work I come home to find a note on our building door alerting all of us tenants that due to a MAJOR leak there would be no hot water until 5pm the next day. But don't worry-the cold water is still working. Ha. Awesome. One day-I suppose that's manageable. Good thing I did my hair that morning.

So today I come home, looking forward to taking a hot shower. Turn on the bathroom hot water faucet-ice cold. Hm. Let it run for a while. Still ice cold. Page the landlord and he returns my call. I tell him the hot water isn't working and he asks me if I'm sure, because it should be working. I reply that I'm pretty sure, turned on the water, let it run, still cold. Should I let it run longer? Turns out that the plumber forgot to flip the hot water switch or the pump or something plumber-y like that. The landlord said he'd be in early in the morning to fix it. Hm. Day 2 without hot water.

We have this interesting neighbor in our building. He's actually one of the only people I've met that lives in this building. Bless his heart he is nice, but strange. Every time we see him, he's complaining about something in the building and apparently the landlords have stopped answer his pages because he calls so frequently about silly little things.

I'm worried that I'm going to be the next on the do not answer list...

09 February 2010

my apartment is freezing. not just kind of cold-ish. but actually freezing. i have never had a radiator until moving here, but from what i understand they are generally supposed to be warm in the winter, thereby keeping the house warm.

our radiators are like metal ice cubes. i might as well be living in an igloo. actually. an igloo is probably warmer than our apartment right now (supposedly igloos are warm? perhaps it has something to do with the furry coats eskimos wear...). with the imminent snowstorm there's a chance i might freeze to death (and yes, i'm being dramatic).

and about this snowstorm. NY is FREAKING OUT. all schools were cancelled this afternoon (when it wasn't even snowing!). i got a handful of emails from work telling me to be sure to take work home, just in case the snow makes it impossible to get to work tomorrow. how considerate of them! i'm interested to see what this city is like in a "blizzard"...

08 February 2010


can I have one of these??

05 February 2010

what a morning

today i saw the craziest thing on the subway. a full on brawl. 9am. 2 train going from 72nd downtown. me and andrea are sitting, riding down to work and these two people start arguing. a larger man and a small lady (although i guess lady wouldn't be the right word when you read what's comes next). all of a sudden they start pushing each other.

then all hell breaks loose. they stand up (mind you it's a full, moving train) and the girl tries to push the guy. HE PUSHES HER BACK! what on earth kind of man pushes a girl who is about half his size?!? she flies back, hits the subway pole and falls to the ground. all the while, her coffee is flying all over the place, people are trying to break it up, and me and Andrea are watching in disbelief. the girl picks herself off the floor and goes back at him for more!

luckily, the train pulled into the 34th street station and a couple guys pulled the girl off the train (much to her dismay) and away from the man to end the fight. then the man sits back down and continues to read his coffee sodden paper like nothing happened. SERIOULSY? what on earth could two perfect strangers be fighting about at 9am. and seriously man? you think it's ok to physically assault a girl who obviously is no threat to you? some people are just crazy.

and that's how i started my friday morning. luckily the rest of the day was a little quieter...

04 February 2010

one month!

yes. i am slightly obsessed. but i'm fine with that. one month until i get to see this one in concert!!

03 February 2010

Gone in seconds!

A couple days ago my fav singer in the whole wide world announced a small concert in NYC. Today was the day that tickets went on sale! I was online-ready-at noon. Tried to get through. Site down. Tried again. Site still down. Twenty-five minutes later I finally made it through. Tickets gone. Sad. Come to find out, tickets sold out in mere seconds!! Seconds! Way to go Jamie. At least I have tickets for his big show the next day.

In other news, today I went to a friend's viola recital at Juilliard. It was so wonderful and the pieces were beautiful!! I loved seeing people perform who were so passionate about what they were doing. I've been doing some thinking and I think I need to find something to be completely passionate about...

So here's my question for you readers (if anyone still actually reads this....):

What are you passionate about??

02 February 2010

Sick Day

Today I took a sick day. Not to go do something fun. Not to just have a random day off. But because I was actually sick.

Sick days are BORING.

My sick day involved...watching last nights bachelor in my bed, taking a trip to the fairway in my sweats and uggs-looking like a hot mess, napping through a few episodes of gossip girl season 2 (I am more than ready for new GG episodes), trying to watch Days and giving up when I realized it's been years since I've watched and had no idea what was going on (since when is Carly back?!?) watching The Lizzie McGuire Movie, sleeping through some silly shows on the Disney channel, and watching Mamma Mia.

I'm ready to not be sick and go back to real life!

01 February 2010

Finally February

Wow. Was it just me or was January the longest month ever. Seriously, I'm pretty sure it lasted for about 10 years. January was a decent month...some highlights (sans pictures because I didn't take any) include....

  • a fab birthday dinner with all of my fav NY friends put on by my great roommate
  • not working in NJ anymore
  • 2 shows: The Fantasticks and South Pacific
  • seeing the NY Ballet put on my favorite production-Sleeping Beauty
All-in-all, January was a decent month but I'm glad to see it go. I'm getting anxious for spring and sunshine and February is bringing me one month closer!!!