03 February 2010

Gone in seconds!

A couple days ago my fav singer in the whole wide world announced a small concert in NYC. Today was the day that tickets went on sale! I was online-ready-at noon. Tried to get through. Site down. Tried again. Site still down. Twenty-five minutes later I finally made it through. Tickets gone. Sad. Come to find out, tickets sold out in mere seconds!! Seconds! Way to go Jamie. At least I have tickets for his big show the next day.

In other news, today I went to a friend's viola recital at Juilliard. It was so wonderful and the pieces were beautiful!! I loved seeing people perform who were so passionate about what they were doing. I've been doing some thinking and I think I need to find something to be completely passionate about...

So here's my question for you readers (if anyone still actually reads this....):

What are you passionate about??


T-Ray said...

Travel, photography, music.... to name a few.
By the way... love your new background, so cute.