28 October 2012

Weekend update-home to NYC! Friday!

I was lucky enough to get to spend a weekend in NYC!!!!! The whole fam went out for some family events, which I'll talk about in Part 2 of the NYC weekend update but I spent Friday and Saturday morning in the city-going to my favorite spots and catching up with all my favorite New Yorkers!

I actually got in late Thursday night and spent the night at Jane's place. It was so so great to see her and we stayed up far too late chatting and catching up! Friday morning I slept in a bit and then went to my favorite nail salon, Bonnie's to get my nails done! Then I headed downtown to the good ole World Financial Center 2 to have lunch with 2 of my favorite coworkers.

Bobby, Matvey and I were all interns together the summer of 2008. It was so great to see them and catch up. I don't miss work AT ALL but I do sure miss hanging out with these two! After lunch, I took to the streets and walked from downtown up to the West Village. Walking around the city is one of the many things that I miss about being in the city! I got tired of walking (my legs have lost their NYC stamina!) so I hopped on the subway to get some treats before going to visit Allison!!

Next time you are in NYC, go to the Doughnut Plant. It will change your life. I spent the afternoon hanging out with Allison and June. It was so so good to see them and I'm glad that they're so much closer now! Their current apartment has incredible views of the city!!

We did take some photos of us too! Once I get them I'll post a few!

After hanging out with Allison, I met up with Rissa and Sarah for dinner at Shake Shack and a broadway play! Oh how I have missed Shake Shack. Anyone that thinks In n' Out is better is crazy. 

After dinner it was showtime!! I had gotten us tickets to see Once. I had heard so many good things and was super excited to see it! When we got to the box office to pick up the tickets, I was told that there weren't any tickets for me for that day, but there were some for September 25 that hadn't been picked up. Somehow I had made a mistake and bought the tickets for the wrong day! I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED!!!!!  Unfortunately, the show was sold out so we couldn't get in. I was the saddest! We still wanted to see a Broadway show so we thought we'd walk over to Bring It On and see if we could get tickets. Luckily we were able to get tickets and they were cheap! They were of course at the top of the theater but all of the seats in the section in front of us were empty so we got to move down closer.

It was a fun show and took me back to my cheer days. AND one of my favorite SYTYCD dancers was in it! (Neil!) But I definitely wouldn't pay more than $40 for it.

After the show, I met up with some of the old dinner group crew at Juniors! It was so fun to see them and chat and laugh like the good old days! It's so crazy how much has changed with our group in just a few short months.

Weekend update-Rexburg!!

I haven't done a weekend update in ages!!! This month has been crazy-and while it's been great, I'm excited for things to quiet down a little bit. I'm exhausted!

I spent conference weekend (October 5-7) up in Rexburg Idaho visiting my dear friends Jen and Russell. Jen and Russ are 2 of my favorite NYC friends and they joined in the "Westward Ho" movement and have moved to Rexburg. It was so so great to see them!!

Weekend activities included:

Eating tacos in a school bus. Oh how I love tacos!

Finishing up last year's Christmas craft as we listened to General Conference:

In 2010, Jen and I started a tradition of making a Christmas advent calendar together every year. Last year we did these tins but I of course didn't finish mine. So before I could start this year's craft (part of the reason for the Rexburg visit) I had to finish last year's. After finishing last year's, I got started on this year's project: activity pockets!

Sewing is SO not my craft forte (I think craft delegation is my craft forte....I can plan out and assign a craft project like nobody's business) but the goal is to actually finish this one and be able to use it this year. I will post pictures of the finished product when it's done! Keep me accountable!

Eating delish pulled pork sandwiches and tater tots at a strange little restaurant:

We did NOT text and walk across the street at the same time, that's against the law apparently....

It was such a fun weekend and I loved seeing Jen and Russ!!!

10 October 2012


I am going back to NYC tomorrow and couldn't be more excited!! I'm only spending a day and a half in the city but it is jam-packed full of friends, food, and loving my city!

I will leave you with a little Frank Sinatra....start spreading the news!!

03 October 2012

Weekend Update

  • I was so excited for this weekend!! Trina and I went to Bambara for SLC's Dine-O-Round (can we please get a better name?!). I have been dying to go to Bambara for ages and it did not disappoint! Hands down the best food I've eaten in Salt Lake. I had this delish corn and crab chowder to start. For the main course I had some amazing gnocchi with fresh corn, tomatoes, bacon, and some other delicious things that I can't remember. Dessert was a lovely peach tart topped with mascarpone ice cream. I definitely will be returning to Bambara!!

  • After dinner we saw Pitch Perfect. If you haven't seen it, please go see it rightnow. It was fantastic. Just a fun, entertaining, hilarious movie. Loved.
  • Saturday was the big day-the RS Broadcast!!!! Our call time was 1:40 so pretty much we were there the entire day. It was such a fun experience and despite my complaining about the outfits, I am so so glad that I did it. It definitely was something that I won't forget. 

  • Karen had a dessert night at her house afterwards. So many delish desserts!!!
  • I saw Won't Back Down. Wow. Such a good movie. Another one y'all should go see!
  • Churchy church. The meetings were really good. Sister missionaries from Temple Square spoke in sacrament meeting. Definitely was one of the best sacrament meetings we've had in a while-they were great!
  • Funny moment in church: I was wearing a lace dress and managed to get myself stuck in the zipper of someone's scriptures as they were walking by. Sam and I just about died laughing as I was trying to get un-stuck. How did that even happen?!
  • Had dinner with Karen and some of her ward friends. It was so fun-we had a yum dinner and then played cards for a while. A great night with fun new friends!
How is it October already?! This month is going to FLY by-every weekend is booked!