28 October 2012

Weekend update-Rexburg!!

I haven't done a weekend update in ages!!! This month has been crazy-and while it's been great, I'm excited for things to quiet down a little bit. I'm exhausted!

I spent conference weekend (October 5-7) up in Rexburg Idaho visiting my dear friends Jen and Russell. Jen and Russ are 2 of my favorite NYC friends and they joined in the "Westward Ho" movement and have moved to Rexburg. It was so so great to see them!!

Weekend activities included:

Eating tacos in a school bus. Oh how I love tacos!

Finishing up last year's Christmas craft as we listened to General Conference:

In 2010, Jen and I started a tradition of making a Christmas advent calendar together every year. Last year we did these tins but I of course didn't finish mine. So before I could start this year's craft (part of the reason for the Rexburg visit) I had to finish last year's. After finishing last year's, I got started on this year's project: activity pockets!

Sewing is SO not my craft forte (I think craft delegation is my craft forte....I can plan out and assign a craft project like nobody's business) but the goal is to actually finish this one and be able to use it this year. I will post pictures of the finished product when it's done! Keep me accountable!

Eating delish pulled pork sandwiches and tater tots at a strange little restaurant:

We did NOT text and walk across the street at the same time, that's against the law apparently....

It was such a fun weekend and I loved seeing Jen and Russ!!!


Mika McDaniel said...

No texting and walking... Lol. That is SO Rexburg. Looks like fun!