03 October 2012

Weekend Update

  • I was so excited for this weekend!! Trina and I went to Bambara for SLC's Dine-O-Round (can we please get a better name?!). I have been dying to go to Bambara for ages and it did not disappoint! Hands down the best food I've eaten in Salt Lake. I had this delish corn and crab chowder to start. For the main course I had some amazing gnocchi with fresh corn, tomatoes, bacon, and some other delicious things that I can't remember. Dessert was a lovely peach tart topped with mascarpone ice cream. I definitely will be returning to Bambara!!

  • After dinner we saw Pitch Perfect. If you haven't seen it, please go see it rightnow. It was fantastic. Just a fun, entertaining, hilarious movie. Loved.
  • Saturday was the big day-the RS Broadcast!!!! Our call time was 1:40 so pretty much we were there the entire day. It was such a fun experience and despite my complaining about the outfits, I am so so glad that I did it. It definitely was something that I won't forget. 

  • Karen had a dessert night at her house afterwards. So many delish desserts!!!
  • I saw Won't Back Down. Wow. Such a good movie. Another one y'all should go see!
  • Churchy church. The meetings were really good. Sister missionaries from Temple Square spoke in sacrament meeting. Definitely was one of the best sacrament meetings we've had in a while-they were great!
  • Funny moment in church: I was wearing a lace dress and managed to get myself stuck in the zipper of someone's scriptures as they were walking by. Sam and I just about died laughing as I was trying to get un-stuck. How did that even happen?!
  • Had dinner with Karen and some of her ward friends. It was so fun-we had a yum dinner and then played cards for a while. A great night with fun new friends!
How is it October already?! This month is going to FLY by-every weekend is booked!


T-Ray said...

We saw you! What a cool experience to sing at the RS Broadcast! I would love to be able to do that one day.

Marissa said...

I saw you too! You looked great and what a neat experience! Miss you!