26 September 2012

Weekend Update

  • I went to the circus with Emmalyn, Courtney, and Stacy!! It has been at least 20 years since I went to the circus and it didn't disappoint. I was surprised at how much fun it was! They had these motorcycle riders that rode around in this metal globe, they had tightrope people and trapeezers. Of course there were elephants and all of the big cats. They also had a part where housecats did all of these circus tricks. I have to say that I'm now a fan of the circus!
  • We had our dress rehearsal for the Relief Society broadcast at the Conference Center. It was pretty cool to be sitting in the choir seats. That place is ENORMOUS. I think I'd die if I ever had to speak there. Look for me in the broadcast! I'm sitting the 5th row up in the middle section on the left hand side, 3 seats in!
  • Karen and I went to brunch at Squatters Brewery. Pubs and breweries have some of the best food that I've found here in UT. Brunch is always a good time!
  • I had a rough afternoon full of napping and a massage.  
  • Went down to Provo with Rissa, Sam, and Melissa for papusas. They were delish and got me excited for our El Salvador trip in December!! 
  • Instead of regular church, we had the Brigham City Temple dedication. I went to the 9am session which was so lovely. Not so lovely-not knowing that the doors closed 10 minutes before the session started! Luckily there was a man letting all of the stragglers in so I made it but it was a CLOSE call.
  • FHE planning breakfast at the Cannons. We planned some fun activities!! It's going to be a great fall!
  • Sunday baking! I made caramel apple crumble bars. They were delish-especially with some vanilla ice cream
  • Last choir practice before the big day! I'm getting excited to sing on Saturday!!
This week is kind of a quiet one. We had a work tennis tournament on Monday and other than that, not really much else going on. I am going to take advantage of it because October is going to be crazy!! Every weekend is already packed-fall is going to fly by!!


Jane said...

I am so happy two of those weekends are ones I get to see you!! And can you please send me that recipe for the caramel apple deliciousness? Thankyouverymuch!