11 September 2012

Weekend Update

  • I went to the Greek Festival with Rissa, Jessica, and Angie. It was so much fun!! We used to go to the Greek Festival every year when we were little and it's amazing how much it's grown. We mostly just ate a lot of delish Greek food. I've made an executive decision that I must go to Greece soon.
  • After the Greek Festival we went back to our house to watch a movie and I'm pretty sure I fell asleep about 15 minutes in....ooops
  • Went to the Farmer's Market with my daddy. I love the farmer's market-it's so fun to wander around and see what people have, and the people watching is pretty great too.
  • Ran a handful of errands
  • Saturday night was the evening session of our Stake Conference. Elder Tate and Elder Scott both spoke and they both were of course great. We actually ended early so we'd have more time to mingle (oh the joys of being in a YSA stake). I get gold stars because I mingled my little heart out.
  • We were going to go up the canyon and do a bonfire for Allison's birthday but by the time conference was over it was too late so instead the girls had a get together at their house. It was fun, and of course there was more mingling since I didn't know very many people there. Between post-conference and the birthday party, I am all minlged out!
  • Stake conference was early-HOORAY FOR EARLY CHURCH! I miss the days of 9 am church so much. Elder Scott spoke again and it was super crowded. I ended up sitting all the way in the back on the stage. Mehr.
  • Birthday brunch with Amber, Allison and the roommates!! I just love brunch!
  • Baking time-I made delish mint chocolate chip cookies.
  • Choir practice-I'm excited to sing in the RS Broadcast at the end of the month!!
It was a good busy weekend! Up this week...my first tennis tournament match, book club meeting for yet another book I haven't finished, and SLC Dinner in White!!


alli said...

I'll look for you at the broadcast. How cool! They had dinner in white here a few weeks ago. I had never heard of it. It sounds amazing.

Lara P said...

Elder Tate?! My old counselor? I love him to death! Jealous.

Jane said...

Greece in 2013? With Turkey??