07 September 2012

Weekend Update

Yes-I realize that it's already the weekend. I dropped the ball on this one...oops. I just love long weekends. Every weekend should be a long weekend I think.

  • Since it was a holiday weekend, my manager told me I could leave work early! HOORAY!!!
  • I love a good low-key Friday night. I caught up on my DVRed shows and took a little nap. Then Amber and I went to Cafe Rio for dinner and went to see Spiderman. Even though it was sold out, the lady at the ticket booth let us buy tickets  and told us there may be seats left. Turns out we found seats! Thanks lady!
  • Ashley and Eric were in town for the long weekend so we met up with them for breakfast! I just love seeing my NYC friends here in Utah and am trying my best to convince them all to move here. Ashley is a dear and brought me some of my favorite NYC treats: a cookie from Levain and some Trader Joes s'mores that I just love. And she brought me my passport that I left in NYC. So happy to be reunited with my passport too!!
  • Went up to Swiss Days with sister and some other girls in the ward. We used to go to Swiss Days every year when we were younger. It was always so much fun! This year didn't disappoint. We ran into a good handful of people we knew-mostly from our home ward. We ate delish scones and swiss tacos (aka navajo tacos...). I bought some really cute recipe cards from Alli's booth. She was in our home ward. She makes the cutest recipe books with some fab recipes. You know that anything that comes from the Henderson home is going to be delish. I also bought some fun cookbooks from the daughter of one of our bishopric counselors. Her cookbooks are also super cute and I can't wait to try some of the recipes!
  • Saturday night I hung out with my friend Jason who was in town for the weekend and our other friend Brad. We went to Jason's brother's wife's parent's house. Goodness. The house was out of control huge. They had an indoor wallyball court, indoor theater, home gym, chickens and horses, indoor swimming pool. It was insane. And so much fun to hang out with Jason and Brad.
  • Good ole church. I may have been late because I was hooked watching Andy Roddick's tennis match. Just love him. Can I retire when I'm 30 too?
  • Dinner with the fam and Megan and Camilla! We had a delish summer BBQ full of new recipes I had wanted to try. It was fun to hang out with Megan and Camilla! And we definitely need to take advantage of these last weeks of being able to grill out. Winter is coming. :(
  • Such a boring day for having a day off of work! I lounged around the house most of the day. Went to Home Depot to try to get this lamp fixed. I hate the lady that helped me. She was the rudest and didn't actually help me with anything. Why do people work in customer service jobs if they aren't planning on actually providing service?! Also went and returned some stuff at Target and got my car washed.
  • Went to a movie and dinner with the fam. We saw Madagascar 3 (yes, we are all grown adults). I love loved the second one. The third was good but not nearly as good as the 2nd or 1st.
It was a good weekend. This week has been decent too-more time with NYC visitors (I'm trying my hardest to convince them all to move here!), some tennis in preparation for my first tournament, and that's about it. So excited that it's the weekend again!