20 March 2010

The first day of Spring!!

So fitting that today was the first day of spring!! Today I had the loveliest Saturday and just wanted to share! I need to get better at taking pictures-I have hardly taken any since I've been here! The day started out with a favorite Saturday morning ritual-AM spin class at NYSC and a yummy scone from here. I decided to take the scone to the park and hang out there for a bit-people watching and enjoying the sunshine. It was so wonderful!

After a super long shower and an after spin nap I gathered up my FAR notecards and notes, this book that I'm reading for book club, a blanket, and my sunglasses. I spent the afternoon in Central Park with some of my favorites! We lounged in the sun, chatted, rode bikes (ps-I've made the executive decision that I'm buying a bike! yay!), and loved the sunshine. Definitely didn't even touch my notes or the book...oops. It has been SO nice these past few days I just can't get enough of it!

After we all left the park I decided to go down in Riverside park and sit by the water. I had never gone down there and it was so great! I just love being down by the water-I definitely will be going back. I sat by the water until it got too cold. I finished the evening with dinner here and an evening showing of Alice in Wonderland. I actually really loved it! I am not usually a huge Tim Burton fan but the movie was pretty good!

Such a lovely Saturday! Hooray for spring!!!

18 March 2010

The hangover truck

So apparently NY is very into St Patrick's day. I read somewhere that NYC has the largest St Patrick's day parade in the world! Unfortunately, I didn't know this until the day before and had to work rather than attend the parade. This city really loves their parades...Macy's day parade, Yankees parade, Chinese New Year parade, Puerto Rican day parade, Halloween parade-you name it, there is a parade for it. And of course yesterday all of the bars were full to the brim with St. Patty's day celebrators. I definitely wore green to work for the occasion and I may have joined the bar crowd for a bit (of course sipping my club soda with cranberry juice) for a work happy hour.

The most amusing thing to me about St Patrick's day in the city is the day afterwards. As we were walking back from lunch in Battery Park today (did I mention that it was almost 70 degrees outside? i am LOVING it!) we passed a tabasco truck. Apparently these trucks appear all over the city today only, serving up bloody marys for those with crazy hangovers (apparently those help with a hangover?) from too much celebrating last night. What?!? Gotta love NYC...

03 March 2010

6 months!!

Today I realized that today marks 6 months since I moved to NYC! Whoa! Has it seriously been six months already?!? Sometimes I still feel new to the city and others I feel like I've been here for ages! Crazy!!

In other news-I finally get to see Jamie Cullum perform live again tomorrow!! AH! I am so excited!! Last time I saw him was in Reno and that was quite the adventure. Driving to Reno (seriously, there is nothing between SLC and Reno), getting lost once we got to Reno, trying to scalp the extra tickets (quite unsuccessfully-but we did make some great ticket scalper friends). I even got to meet him (of course I was so starstruck I couldn't put together a coherent sentence)!! I cannot wait for tomorrow!!

Jamie, me, and Mika at Johnny Rocket's-don't worry, that smile was
plastered to my face the rest of the night...