20 March 2010

The first day of Spring!!

So fitting that today was the first day of spring!! Today I had the loveliest Saturday and just wanted to share! I need to get better at taking pictures-I have hardly taken any since I've been here! The day started out with a favorite Saturday morning ritual-AM spin class at NYSC and a yummy scone from here. I decided to take the scone to the park and hang out there for a bit-people watching and enjoying the sunshine. It was so wonderful!

After a super long shower and an after spin nap I gathered up my FAR notecards and notes, this book that I'm reading for book club, a blanket, and my sunglasses. I spent the afternoon in Central Park with some of my favorites! We lounged in the sun, chatted, rode bikes (ps-I've made the executive decision that I'm buying a bike! yay!), and loved the sunshine. Definitely didn't even touch my notes or the book...oops. It has been SO nice these past few days I just can't get enough of it!

After we all left the park I decided to go down in Riverside park and sit by the water. I had never gone down there and it was so great! I just love being down by the water-I definitely will be going back. I sat by the water until it got too cold. I finished the evening with dinner here and an evening showing of Alice in Wonderland. I actually really loved it! I am not usually a huge Tim Burton fan but the movie was pretty good!

Such a lovely Saturday! Hooray for spring!!!


T-Ray said...

Hooray for awesome Saturdays.... glad you are having a good time out there. Sounds like a blast!

Jessica and Reecey said...

SO jealous. SO, so jealous. I might have to book a flight right this minute!