23 March 2011

Funny Kitten Can't Jump

I kind of had a less than wonderful day today. But this video never ceases to make me laugh...and yes. I just might be becoming one of those crazy cat people. Oh well. Watch it a few times-it will make you laugh too. Love it.

16 March 2011

5k disasters

Today with my running group we had a 5k race. I didn't really run it at race pace mostly because I don't want to overdo anything for Sunday. And partly because I was so tired and just not in the mood to run today. Couple that with the fact that my garmin died part way through my run and the fact that I was dressed for 35 degree weather when it was about 50 degrees out-it was just not the best run. Which makes me NERVOUS for Sunday! If I'm not having a great time running a 5k, how on earth am I going to do 10 more miles on top of that?!? Eeeeek!

The next couple of days will be spent pumping myself up for Sunday, creating a fantastic race day playlist, and dreaming of that diet coke I'm going to drink when I finish. Ha.

I'm coming home!!!!

Just got word that I get to go to a Deloitte recruiting event at BYU!!
That means-I'M COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am the most excited to spend a weekend at home with the fam
-and even better-
courtesy of Deloitte!

14 March 2011


Happy Pi Day! I didn't realize it was Pi day the end of the day. So I did nothing to celebrate. No pie eating. No thinking about Pi. Nothing. Oops. There's always next year I suppose.

I have been reading people blog about their pies they made today in honor of Pi. I think these are my favorite. How cute are mini pot pies?!? Everything on that blog looks so delicious-I can't wait to try some of the recipes!

13 March 2011

NYC Half Marathon in One Week!!!

This photo was taken after I finished my first half marathon in April 2008. In one week I am running the NYC Half Marathon!! The last time I ran a half was in 2009...eeek! I am actually really excited for the race! It's a great course-through Central Park, Times Square, and down the West Side Highway. I did an 8 mile run yesterday with my Alaska Marathon Training Group (longest training run I've done...oops. Haven't been the most diligent at training) and it felt good. We did 4 miles up the West Side Highway and 4 miles back. The 4 miles back were BRUTAL because we were running against the wind but nonetheless we finished strong and I am not sore today! Can't wait to run those 13.1 miles on Sunday!!