16 March 2011

5k disasters

Today with my running group we had a 5k race. I didn't really run it at race pace mostly because I don't want to overdo anything for Sunday. And partly because I was so tired and just not in the mood to run today. Couple that with the fact that my garmin died part way through my run and the fact that I was dressed for 35 degree weather when it was about 50 degrees out-it was just not the best run. Which makes me NERVOUS for Sunday! If I'm not having a great time running a 5k, how on earth am I going to do 10 more miles on top of that?!? Eeeeek!

The next couple of days will be spent pumping myself up for Sunday, creating a fantastic race day playlist, and dreaming of that diet coke I'm going to drink when I finish. Ha.