29 January 2012

June 2011 In Review

...Took my bike out for it's first ride!

...Impact Day! Best work day of the year! The entire firm takes the day off and goes out into the community to do service. A group of us from International Tax did gardening work down on the Lower East Side

...Went to the Big Apple BBQ. BBQ-ers from all around the country gather to show off their best BBQ skills. We ate SO much delicious BBQ!

...Another Yankee game!

...ANCHORAGE!!! Ran my very first marathon and got to see some of the sights of Anchorage!

...Trip to Six Flags! My first time! It was so much fun and we rode some INSANE rollercoasters.

Oh my goodness...how I miss summer!!!!

May 2011 In Review

...Spent a week in Mexico with a fam. I love Mexico so much-a week full of lounging in the sun, eating delish food, and relaxing!

...Went to another Yankee game! I was quite the Yankee fan this summer!

...Ran the Wall Streek 5k with a few of my coworkers

...Either I stopped using my planner for a couple weeks or just didn't do a thing. I have a few empty weeks....

...Went to Duck Beach and took next to no photos...ooops

28 January 2012

April 2011 In Review

...Went home for a Deloitte recruiting event. It was so lovely! I ran a race in Emigration Canyon, hung out with the fam, ate Cafe Rio, saw a good handful of friends, went back to my favorite Monday morning spin class (so fun to see lots of the same people there!) and went back to BYU representing Deloitte Tax NYC!

...Did a NYC staycation weekend for Jen's birthday! We ate lots of delish food and stayed in a fun hotel downtown! This is the only picture we managed to take of all of the stay-cationers together (minus Russ). And I obviously missed the memo on making a sad face...

...Went to a Yankee game!

...Went to an Elton John concert for free!! Right outside my building!

...decorated Easter Eggs!! I love Easter so much.

...Had a lovely Easter dinner at Karen and Ashley's house

...Fast Five Friday!!!! A group of us went opening night-one of the most fun opening night movies I have been to!

...Left for family vacation to CANCUN MEXICOOO!!!

March 2011 In Review

...Coined March as "Say Yes" month so I said yes to nearly everything...eeeek

...Saw lots of movies

...Went to a Maple Sugar farm. We saw how maple syrup was made, got delicious breakfast, and bought far too many maple goods

...Ran the New York half marathon!! My first half marathon in about 2 years. It was so much fun. My dad was in town so he and some of the Queens fam came to watch me and a handful of my dear friends also met me at the finish line!

...Auctioned off a batch of cookies every week for a month at our ward service auction (don't worry that I am still repaying...such a slacker...)

...Went to a super hipster comedy show in Brooklyn. Seriously, was the ONLY one in the room without a plaid flannel shirt and thick rimmed glasses. I think everyone looked down on my for my business casual, clean hair, and pearls...

27 January 2012

February 2011 In Review

...joined TNT and decided to run the Mayor's Marathon in Anchorage, Alaska. We started training in the dead of winter so of course I needed to buy some new winter running gear!

...it's pancake month at Clinton Street Baking Company so of course I had to make a few trips there for their delish pancake specials

...taught Sunday school for the first time ever. Terrifying.

...went to the Joshua Radin concert! Love and love him. And I never get tired of seeing him live.

...ICELAND adventure!! I loved Iceland more than I was expecting to. Highlights included the Blue Lagoon, Fishing, a nice run around Reykjavik, eating crazy meats, seeing the waterfalls and geysers, and riding those precious horses! This is a picture of our whole group with a glimpse of the Northern lights behind us!

...took a few hip hop dance classes. Turns out I am not very "hip hop" but it was a good time!

26 January 2012

January 2011 In Review

So I have been meaning to do a year in review post for a while now (approximately 26 days) and have decided to do it monthly. Chances are very high that I won't get through all the months of the year, but I sure am going to try...So without further ado, here are some highlights of January 2011...

...Continued the New Years tradition of spending it with these girls (and Jennica and Kathryn). Complete with cheesy girl movie, slumber party, food network in the morning, and a day full of laziness...

...Gigi joined the Masihdas family. I wanted to get my mom a kitty for her birthday. My parents both insisted that they didn't want another cat (although I know they really did) and I convinced my mom to "just go look" at the humane society one day before I left to return to NYC. For the record, no one can "just go look" at that place. It really is heartbreaking. We came home with this little gem...It's a miracle we didn't come home with more. We couldn't even go look at the dogs because my dad really would've killed us if we came home with a kitten and a puppy. We'll save that one for another time...

...Every year I'm on a client in Piscataway, NJ on my birthday. I have spent the past 2 birthdays in NYC working 15+ hour days and hanging out in the hotel there. My dear friends sent me these beautiful flowers as a surprise to the hotel on my birthday. Seriously made my day.

...work, work and more work

...NYC got a billion inches of snow-so much so that we had a snow day from work!! I took advantage by going to lunch with Ashley. After lunch, we came upon this little gem in the middle of the sidewalk

That's about it for January!! Be on the lookout for a February 2011 update soon!

24 January 2012

Tuesday Tunes

I am still loving those two songs from last week. As in haven't stopped listening to them non-stop yet. I'm sure eventually I'll get sick of them? Today you get two of my favorite Jamie Cullum songs!!

All at Sea
I think this maybe my all time favorite song. I saw Jamie perform this song on Jay Leno and I fell in love immediately. He is SO talented and puts on one of the best concerts I have ever seen. Check him out-you will love him too!

Get Your Way
This is another great one! From his second album. Love and love.

Happy Tuesday!!

23 January 2012


January is kind of a funk month. The holidays are over. The sun doesn't come out. It's cold and grey and gross out there. And to top it all off, I keep getting emails from the ING Miami team about that one run that I was supposed to do this weekend. In MIAMI. Where it's 75 degrees, sunny, and fabulous. Humph. Needless to say, I've kind of been in a funk.

Tonight I left work at a normal time (treasuring these moments while they last). It was raining outside and just generally yuck out there. I had all my spin stuff with me as I was meeting a friend at the gym after work for spin class. Part of me just wanted to stay on the subway and continue on home to my nice warm, dry, cozy house. But of course I couldn't skip out on my friend and leave her to fend for herself in spin! So I made myself go.

Best. Decision. of the Week.

It felt SO good to workout. Between the boot, and being sick, and life craziness, it has been a little while since I've been to the gym. And even though I had to sit the entire spin class (torture a little bit. counting down the days until I can spin like a normal person) it was so great to just be there, with the music going, and everyone pumped up to work out. I forgot how much I love endorphins and how happy they make me!!! And of course every time I think about endorphins I think about this clip...

It was a great start to the week, and hopefully I can continue the good workouts in my handicapped state...

PS. the boot comes off Wednesday!!!! eeeeeekkkk!!!

17 January 2012

Tuesday Tunes!

I am an incredibly inconsistent blogger at best. But I'm going to try to be better! I saw this on someone else's blog (of course) and thought it was fun. Here are two of my favorite songs lately that I just cannot stop listening to....

Andrew Belle-In My Veins
Love love and love
Courtesy of my newest obsession, Vampire Diaries (seriously has such a great soundtrack)

Birdy-Skinny Love
Cannot stop listening
Also courtesy of Vampire Diaries. I know that Bon Iver was the original singer of this song, but I die for this version. Love that piano.

What do you think? Please tell me you love them too! What are some of your current favorite songs??