23 January 2012


January is kind of a funk month. The holidays are over. The sun doesn't come out. It's cold and grey and gross out there. And to top it all off, I keep getting emails from the ING Miami team about that one run that I was supposed to do this weekend. In MIAMI. Where it's 75 degrees, sunny, and fabulous. Humph. Needless to say, I've kind of been in a funk.

Tonight I left work at a normal time (treasuring these moments while they last). It was raining outside and just generally yuck out there. I had all my spin stuff with me as I was meeting a friend at the gym after work for spin class. Part of me just wanted to stay on the subway and continue on home to my nice warm, dry, cozy house. But of course I couldn't skip out on my friend and leave her to fend for herself in spin! So I made myself go.

Best. Decision. of the Week.

It felt SO good to workout. Between the boot, and being sick, and life craziness, it has been a little while since I've been to the gym. And even though I had to sit the entire spin class (torture a little bit. counting down the days until I can spin like a normal person) it was so great to just be there, with the music going, and everyone pumped up to work out. I forgot how much I love endorphins and how happy they make me!!! And of course every time I think about endorphins I think about this clip...

It was a great start to the week, and hopefully I can continue the good workouts in my handicapped state...

PS. the boot comes off Wednesday!!!! eeeeeekkkk!!!


Karen Ella said...

I love endorphins! And the gym! I got to go today, and I'm always about 1,000 times happier on the way out. I love it! YAAAAYYYYY about the boot!!!!!