28 January 2012

April 2011 In Review

...Went home for a Deloitte recruiting event. It was so lovely! I ran a race in Emigration Canyon, hung out with the fam, ate Cafe Rio, saw a good handful of friends, went back to my favorite Monday morning spin class (so fun to see lots of the same people there!) and went back to BYU representing Deloitte Tax NYC!

...Did a NYC staycation weekend for Jen's birthday! We ate lots of delish food and stayed in a fun hotel downtown! This is the only picture we managed to take of all of the stay-cationers together (minus Russ). And I obviously missed the memo on making a sad face...

...Went to a Yankee game!

...Went to an Elton John concert for free!! Right outside my building!

...decorated Easter Eggs!! I love Easter so much.

...Had a lovely Easter dinner at Karen and Ashley's house

...Fast Five Friday!!!! A group of us went opening night-one of the most fun opening night movies I have been to!

...Left for family vacation to CANCUN MEXICOOO!!!