27 January 2012

February 2011 In Review

...joined TNT and decided to run the Mayor's Marathon in Anchorage, Alaska. We started training in the dead of winter so of course I needed to buy some new winter running gear!

...it's pancake month at Clinton Street Baking Company so of course I had to make a few trips there for their delish pancake specials

...taught Sunday school for the first time ever. Terrifying.

...went to the Joshua Radin concert! Love and love him. And I never get tired of seeing him live.

...ICELAND adventure!! I loved Iceland more than I was expecting to. Highlights included the Blue Lagoon, Fishing, a nice run around Reykjavik, eating crazy meats, seeing the waterfalls and geysers, and riding those precious horses! This is a picture of our whole group with a glimpse of the Northern lights behind us!

...took a few hip hop dance classes. Turns out I am not very "hip hop" but it was a good time!