28 January 2012

March 2011 In Review

...Coined March as "Say Yes" month so I said yes to nearly everything...eeeek

...Saw lots of movies

...Went to a Maple Sugar farm. We saw how maple syrup was made, got delicious breakfast, and bought far too many maple goods

...Ran the New York half marathon!! My first half marathon in about 2 years. It was so much fun. My dad was in town so he and some of the Queens fam came to watch me and a handful of my dear friends also met me at the finish line!

...Auctioned off a batch of cookies every week for a month at our ward service auction (don't worry that I am still repaying...such a slacker...)

...Went to a super hipster comedy show in Brooklyn. Seriously, was the ONLY one in the room without a plaid flannel shirt and thick rimmed glasses. I think everyone looked down on my for my business casual, clean hair, and pearls...


Jane said...

I love your pearls! Don't worry what hipsters think of you.