21 October 2010

Halloween Anxiety

i am the worst at halloween...just a taste as to how bad at halloween i am here are a few photos from past halloweens for your viewing pleasure..

Halloween 2007-no photos. we did not do anything

Halloween 2008- we decided to forego dressing up and went to dinner and a scary movie. we went and saw The Haunting of Molly Hartley. it was so terrible that we ended up leaving half way through and calling it a night early

Halloween 2009-probably my most successful halloween in a few years. we went to a 7 deadly sins party and i was supposed to be wrath. not quite sure if i pulled it off, but definitely a step up in the dressing up department from the previous year (which is not hard to do considering we did not dress up...)

i always say that i hate halloween but that's not true. i think halloween is actually really fun especially here in new york. everyone seems to get really into it. there is a big parade (of course, nyc loves their parades), lots of parties and halloween events. i just am never ready for it. around july/august i start thinking that i should get a jump start on a halloween costume, to avoid the happenings of the year before. inevitably it gets to be the week before halloween and i realize i have no idea what to dress up as and have nothing to wear. welp. here we are again. approximately a week before halloween and i am drawing a blank. suggestions for a great costume would be appreciated...