21 September 2009

quick updates!

yes. i have been neglecting the blog. we don't have internet at the apartment yet and i'm not so sure about blogging at work, hence this is coming from a starbucks about a block from my place.

suffice it to say that i LOVE it here. LOVE. my place still doesn't have furniture and is an utter disaster. i'm still meeting people and making friends and trying to figure out where i fit in this big city. but i'm happier than happy!

the first week of work was absolutely insane. we worked 62 hours in 4 days. i work with fun people so it wasn't too horrible but it was quite the way to begin work and i got a car service home every night so my dreams of having a driver came true! since the 15th things have been SUPER slow. hopefully i'll get some CPA studying in. i've passed one part, still waiting to hear about one part (and the suspense is seriously killing me), and have 2 more to take before december 1st.

i have managed not to get completely lost on the subway or above ground. i have eaten at great restaurants and shopped just a little bit. today i discovered a good spin class. and i've made several adult type decisions involving 401(k)s, furniture, insurance, etc.

i have just been informed that starbucks is closing which means my internet time is up! i'll post some pictures of the new place soon!


T-Ray said...

So good to hear from you and to know things are going well!

Russ said...

you are superwoman! if i worked that much in 4 days I would die!

love, Emily J

alli said...

Wow--I am glad you at least got your driver :). Thanks for the update!! I love reading your blog!