24 September 2009

The magic word


This week I have had great experiences with delivery. Over the weekend I needed to go grocery shopping. I got caught up doing other important things (brunch, visiting my new baby cousin, watching that BYU game...) that I didn't have a chance to grocery shop and come Monday I pretty much had zero food at my apartment. I had all kinds of things to do Monday evening so I couldn't go to the store then so I decided to give Fresh Direct a try. Fresh Direct is this company out here that lets you order your groceries online! You pick out everything you want and then pick a time for them to come deliver it to your house! How great is that! I live on the 5th floor of a walk-up building and of course don't have a car so if I shop at all, I can only buy as much as I want to haul around the city and up the 5 flights of stairs with me, but with fresh direct, it's someone else hauling your stuff up the stairs for you!

I placed my order Monday afternoon and Tuesday evening, it was all delivered to me! The poor man sounded like he was about to have a heart attack after carrying the box all the way up the stairs. I guess the stairs south of campus and the tanner building stairs prepared me for the 5 flights of stairs because I don't really notice them too much anymore. All my groceries arrived packed neatly into a box. It was like getting a fun package! AND it was cheaper than going to the grocery store! I am definitely a fan of Fresh Direct!

Second delivery experience: Since both me and Andrea are new to the city, we are basically starting from scratch with our apartment. I was in charge of getting the kitchen table and chairs. I found a good looking set online and decided to just order it without seeing it. There were several delivery options: curbside delivery (uh. no. there's no way i could get a table and chairs up the stairs and put them together. recall the bookcase incident...), in home delivery with no assembly (still no), in home delivery with full assembly (yes please). It was delivered tonight. Once again, the poor men that brought it up were on the brink of death after climbing the stairs with the huge box. It took them over an hour to assemble everything, which means it would've taken me at least 3. Worth every extra cent I paid. The finished product looks great though! Hooray for being an adult and owning my own furniture!

I guess to sum up my ramblings: Delivery, big fan. Love it.


T-Ray said...

Say WHAT? I want to order my groceries online and have them delivered to my door! I hate grocery shopping! That is awesome.

Melissa Suzanne said...

On the fifth floor, I would be a fan of delivery, too! Sounds like you are loving NYC- I'm so happy for you!

BTW, thanks for that link. That was so thoughtful of you. I sent her a message so hopefully I'll hear back from her and get me some great photos!

alli said...

We want photos!