28 September 2009

My to do list this week:

1. Find some cute rainboots-fall is officially here and I'm totally unprepared. Anyone know where I can get some great rainboots?

2. Figure out the laundry situation-we actually have laundry in our building but apparently it's super sketch and dirty dirty. I'm thinking wash and fold? But have this fear they will somehow ruin all my clothes (which may not be a bad thing because I'm currently hating everything I own...)

3. Decorate! We finally got all our furniture-kitchen table, couch, my bedroom furniture! Now I just need to decide how I'm going to decorate. Too bad I'm the least decoraty person there is. Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Lauren Kay said...

I can't wait to see decoration pictures!

And as far as laundry goes, talk to Liz, I'm pretty sure she sends hers out. And, how fabulous to never have to do it yourself. Ah. That sounds ideal.

T-Ray said...

I love decorating! I like to go to ratemyspace.com to get ideas.