29 September 2009

Today I was weepy

we finally got our cable and internet all hooked up, which means that we finally set the tivo! one of my favorite shows is the biggest loser. i used to watch it at the gym while i was on the treadmill but had to stop because without fail i get weepy at some point during EVERY episode! chelsea and kat will vouch for me. don't worry. i watched it today. and of course i got weepy. i wept when hearing the green lady talk about how she lost her husband and two children. i got teary when the everyone helped the purple team guy finish the ramp challenge. my heart just breaks for him, getting stuck with that crazy woman. he seems like such a dear old man and she's just insane. i hope she goes soon, i think she's just horrible. i definitely got weepy during the deliberation meeting. goodness. does anyone else get like this watching this show?!?


Lauren Kay said...

Every single time. Unfortunately we have a TV but no actual TV, and I'm going crazy, and BL is only put online a week later, so I'm totally behind and it's killing me! Someday we'll fork over the cash for cable... I haven't even caught this week's Gossip Girl and it's rough. (I can't remember if you like that show, but you seem like you would...)

Ben-Laura Stearns said...

So I ALMOST started crying when that lady started talking about losing her entire family in one night!! How sad.

I'm back to our usual 5 shows a night with Ben gone and the DVR at the condo working amazingly!!

Miss ya.

Brie and Jeff said...

I've never seen it, but I think everyone I know that watches it admits to breaking down to tears during the episodes. you're not alone. ;)