17 May 2008

Packing light + Erin = Not Going To Happen

So all my attemps at packing light have failed. I planned on taking only one suitcase to London, the lighter the better. Today while packing, it became painfully obvious that everything I wanted to bring, everything I needed, was not going to fit into just one suitcase. Alas, I caved and am taking two suitcases to London. With the help of my wonderful mother, I managed to pack everything (more like she managed to pack everything, I was "supervising") and am pretty much ready to leave!! I can't believe it's time to go already!! I am super excited for all of the adventures awaiting me in LONDON!!!!


Stephanie Johnson said...

First of all, I can't believe you got a blog! You will need to upload some pictures prontissimo. Second, what's with the name of your blog, since when to you go to sea? Thirdly, Erin, after all the strides you made while in Italy in the packing-light area I'm disappointed you couldn't fit everything in one suitcase! Have a great time in London!!! (I'm still so jealous!)

Tiger said...

Are you in London yet?