28 May 2008

Some pictures from the past week and a half

These are just a few pictures from the many I've taken...

Boats on the Cam (the river at Cambridge). We took an hour long boat ride down the river, it was such a fun ride!

Jason and I in the famous red London phone booths in Cambridge.

Me, Jeff, and Ben experiencing the traditional english fish and chips at a pub in downtown London.

View of Big Ben and the Parliament building from the London Eye.


Jessica and Reecey said...

I love your blog! And I tagged you in mine!

The Lishes' said...

Don't be alarmed that I am a big enough stalker to have found your blog! London looks like too much fun. Isn't it great giving the Tanner a break for a few months?

Kevin and Kerry said...

Wow, it looks like you are having a blast. I am so jealous. I am glad you have a blog so we can keep up with each other.
Are you going to the high school reunion this summer?