07 August 2009

Happy Thursday!

Today was a great day full of friends and fun...

For several days (actually just since Sunday) we have been planning a girls night out and tonight was the night! We went and got gelato and had a wonderful time chatting, laughing, and picture taking. After several hilarious failed attempts, this one ended up being the best shot of all of us...

Sure do love these girls and am going to miss them so!

Every month our relief society has flower arranging enrichment night! Melissa is so talented and always has a fun project for us to make. Today we did flower cones-so cute and such a fun thing to make as a gift! I am always amazed with how easy Melissa makes it look and am always reminded at how NOT crafty I am.

Me, Tracy and Christina with our finished products


T-Ray said...

YEA!! That was fun. I'm glad you always go to the class so I can try and be crafty with you! I think yours turned out great.