13 August 2009

Denver-Day 3

let me just start by saying it's a good thing we did some exercising, because we definitely ate a lot. i suppose that's what vacations are for though right? we worked out in the morning. i ran a very slow 4.5 miles...i think my half marathon in september might be the end of me...after our workout we took our time getting ready and i actually took a short hour and a half nap. then we headed out on the town. we walked around the 16th street mall for a while and then had dinner at this fantastic trendy restaurant called lime. it was such a fun place and the food was SO good! i love mexican food. love it.

after dinner we went back to allison's and got her bike and took it back into the city. we saw a late showing of Julie and Julia, which i just loved! i would just love to go to culinary school-especially in france (or italy...). perhaps if this whole accounting thing doesn't work out...