18 August 2009

August 15-goodbye denver, hello real soccer team!

you get three pictures from saturday because i couldn't pick just one. it was my last day in denver. in the morning, allison and i went out for brunch. i love brunch! we went to this adorable place called snooze right down the street from allison's apartment. it was so yummy!! after brunch i packed and we were off to the airport. sad. next besties weekend: NYC style!

i love to travel. i love airports. but i really hate the actual flying part. luckily i only had to endure an hour of flying to get back home.

saturday night my friend megan invited some of us to go to a real soccer game. little did i know we would be getting VIP treatment! we got to go to a sweet dinner before which also included a pre-game chat from one of the real soccer people (i'm not quite sure who he was). we had A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. seats. i'm talking about front row, center field (is that what it's called?), plush, comfy seats. seriously-that is the way to do a sporting event! even more exciting-we got to meet a bunch of the real players after the game. let me just say that i am definitely a soccer fan after saturday night! thanks megan for a fun night!!

me with chris wingert!

we love soccer!