24 August 2009

3 reasons I like Mondays

this is me and sister after the SL Half in April

It felt like all I did today was study. audit, audit, and more audit. I'm about ready to poke my eyes out. Hence, no picture was taken today. Instead you get 3 reasons I love Mondays:

1-It's letter day!!! Mondays are the days we hear from Rissa! I anxiously check my email pretty much all day until her email comes. I love love her letters and I'm pretty sure that I get weepy every time I read them...She is so great and I love hearing how she's doing and all about her mission!

2-Monday morning spin. Such a great way to start out the week. Even if it is a 6am...

3-It's the beginning of a brand new week? The first two are the real reasons I love Mondays but I felt like 2 wasn't enough...


T-Ray said...

I should have your attitude towards Monday. I don't like them. Cute picture.