26 August 2009

August 25-2 great study breaks

first and foremost-i hate the cpa. i'm taking audit on thursday and am super nervous about it. please keep your fingers crossed for me...

to break up the misery of studying i took 2 great study breaks today. the first was a wonderful lunch with this girl:
It was so great to see her!! We were roommates before she went on her mission and had all kinds of fun. We lunched at Guru's and chatted and caught up on life. Love it. And this picture of us from about 4 years ago.

The second study break going to see these guys in concert. Oh my. They are so talented and so wonderful! Check out their song Will He Dance. It's my favorite! It was fun to be able to go to one last concert before I take off for NYC (in almost a week! ah!)!

Tomorrow it's back to studying for audit...ugh.


Lisa Michelle said...

You'll do great on Audit! I thought it was a LOT easier than FAR. I'm sure it'll be no problem! Good luck! And I'm glad you're taking study breaks. Since I got my first two scores back, I've chilled out a lot (thank goodness). I can't wait till you move to NYC so I can live vicariously through your exciting NY adventures!

T-Ray said...

that is a really cute picture.